Racing Team Expense Reimbursement Policy

Masterson - Ferguson Final Policy
Unanimously Accepted by Members In Attendance - 2 January 2008

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Herewith is the final team reimbursement policy as ratified on 2 January 2008 by members present at the monthly meeting.  The policy incorporates ideas contributed by Geof Newton, Bob Eckerson, Tom Radziewicz, and Jane Lovelette (see Draft of November 2007) and was drafted and finalized by Bill Masterson and Bill Ferguson. 




To encourage members of the club to participate in team events and to promote a professional image for local, regional, and national events.

I. CCAC will reimburse certain entry fees, to a maximum of $40 per team member per race, for events where each leg is 12 miles long or less, and where the event has a recognized team-scoring component.

II. CCAC will allocate $500 annually to such team support, including cash reimbursements and club racing apparel, available on a first-come basis. Amounts needed to provide for team support may be increased, reduced or eliminated at the discretion of club officers or the board of directors.

III. A CCAC team must be comprised of paid-up CCAC members. The team must successfully complete the race, use ‘CCAC’ or ‘Cape Cod Athletic Club’ prominently in the team name, and wear any club supplied or discounted merchandise during the event.

IV. Team entry expense reimbursements will be made to the team captain, on behalf of the entire team, upon written request to the club officers, verification of membership status and proof of successful completion of the event. The captain must reimburse the club for any consideration advanced, cash or clothing, if the event is not successfully completed.


Respectfully submitted, Bill & Bill

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