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Here’s a bunch of goodies for club members only.  If you have a suggestion for more material, send it to

By Laws The 2011 version of the club by-laws, how we do what we do.
The Latest Newsletter The most recent hard-copy of the club news – updated 30 August 2009
Newsletter Archives Follow the history of the CCAC
Other File Goodies Other neat archived thingies
Treasurer’s Report The latest cash flow report from our esteemed treasurer – updated 31 December 2013
USAT&F News The latest news from USA Track & Field
USAT News The latest club news from USA Triathlon
USAT Certificate Proves that we really are a registered USAT club!
Reimbursement Policy Get paid to race!
XTerra Wetsuits Sponsorship Information Get all the details on XTerra’s sponsorship of CCAC and the Cape Cod Triathlon Team.

The Member Directory is provided as a service to CCAC members.  Inappropriate or illegal use will result in the removal of the directory and possible legal action. The Member Directory is NOT to be used for fax, e-mail, or mail spamming, harassment, telemarketing or any other commercial purposes.

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