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The Cape Cod Athletic Club hosts a few on-line discussion lists for topics of interest to the Cape Cod and surrounding sporting community.  To get started, join the main list and sign-in or create a Yahoo! account for yourself.

If you’re really impatient or don’t want to create a Yahoo! account, send a blank message to or fill in one of the following forms and start talking.

The triathlon team maintains a separate list which you can join using the form below or by sending a blank e-mail to  For non-members, there’s also a public Cape Cod Triathlon newsgroup that you can join to stay up on all the local triathlon happenings.


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Welcome to the ccac Discussion List …
The purpose of this list is to provide an open forum for the posting and discussion of news and information relating to running, exercise, and sports on Cape Cod and the Islands. It is maintained and overseen by members of the Cape Cod Athletic Club but is open to all those interested in Cape area sports. This list is also available in digest mode by subscribing to ccac-digest.
This list is housed on a Yahoo! Groups mailing list server hosted by Please keep discussion civil and constructive, and take heated discussions and non-constructive comments off the list. Failure to do so will result in the subscribers’ posting privileges being revoked by the listgods for a “cooling off period.”
The listgods for the ccac Discussion List are:
Geof Newton <> (list owner)
[that’s all until someone else volunteers ;-)]
To send a message to the listgods, use the address Please feel free to contact any of us with questions regarding the ccac Discussion List, or if you experience any problems with the server.
Some Important Notes
You must be a subscriber to post messages. Sending mail to this address will distribute it to all the members of the mailing list:
By default, your reply will be sent to all members of the list. If you wish to post your reply to only the sender, maker sure to change the address in the Send To field.
ccac WEB SITE: Since you found this list, you’ve probably already discovered the web site but if you haven’t, make sure to visit and check out the other things we have to offer.
PROBLEMS: If you have ANY problems related to the ccac Discussion List, *please* do not post them to the list. Listgods (list managers) are at your disposal for this very purpose; please avail yourself of the resource: Geof Newton < (list owner)
To send a message to the listgods, use the address
If you have any questions about the list, feel free to contact any or all of us.
Once again, welcome to the ccac Discussion List and carpe viam!
– Geof Newton
ccac Webrunr

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