Back to the Track!

Rejoice for the light has returned! … except for those of us who run in the morning :-[ … and thus, we will be rekindling the Wednesday evening group meetups at the Nauset Middle School track beginning this Wednesday, 19 March, at 5:30pm. This week’s run will be a light 3 miles at an easy […]

Track Workout – 16 May 2013

After last week’s long intervals, it’s now time for some 5K/5M race tuning and a little bit of strength work. To facilitate neuromuscular activation, that is, getting the brain and the central nervous system more in tune with what we’re trying to do with our muscles, we need to focus on very short, very intense […]

Track Workout – 9 May 2013

Race season is now heartily upon us. Let’s make those 5K and 5 mile races a little more bearable by getting used to race pace for extended periods. Today’s workout simulates a race with 2 x 1 mile repeats separated by a full 800m recovery. Target your work interval pace at just a few seconds […]

Track Workout – 2 May 2013

There are two key speed workouts that should be in every runner’s weekly plan, the high-speed neuromuscular triggering work which focuses on intense intervals of 30 seconds or less, and the so-called ‘threshold’ run which optimizes your body’s ability to fuel the muscles with primarily aerobic energy pathways. The keystone of the ‘threshold’ run is […]

Track Workout – 25 April 2013

Learning how to run fast on tired legs is crucial for the finishing phase of your 5K and 5 mile races. As you come to the finish, you’ll be surging, attacking, fending off attacks, and shifting into your finishing kick. A descending ladder will train you to run faster as you fatigue through the workout. […]