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1. By logging winter swim hours, you can reduce the risk of injury when the triathlon and open water seasons begin.

You will be aquatically fit and prepared if you train in winter. By incorporating a combination of good skills, endurance, anaerobic threshold, and recovery training, you can avoid waiting for swim preparation when the ponds, lakes, bays, and ocean are warm enough for outdoor swimming. Plus, no one wants nagging shoulder pain from punching up yardage too quickly in the late spring and summer. Become prepared now

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Chatham Health and Swim Club announces two 6-week swim training sessions beginning on January 6th at 5:30PM. The clinics are led by coach Greg Johnson in the club’s newly renovated 5 lane pool. For more information, contact Chatham Health and Swim Club at 508.945.3555 or


shoes in the snow cropRejoice for the light has returned! … except for those of us who run in the morning :-[ … and thus, we will be rekindling the Wednesday evening group meetups at the Nauset Middle School track beginning this Wednesday, 19 March, at 5:30pm. This week’s run will be a light 3 miles at an easy pace, just to get us back on the track and moving. If you’d like to go further or faster and want to grab a body or two to go with you, have at it. There will be at least one coach-in-residence to answer questions, help with form and efficiency, and suggest workouts but there will be no structured workouts for a week or two until folks have a few regular miles in their legs. See you there!


Need a boost in your winter training? Join CCAC as we swim, bike and run our way through December, January, and February in the USAT National Challenge Competition. This annual contest pits multisport clubs from all over the country up against each other to see who can log the most training miles in the various disciplines. To join the challenge, send your name, e-mail address, age on 31 December 2013, and USAT membership number to Stay tuned for information on a group swimathon, bike trainer day, and group runs. [More Information]


From Cape Cod & Islands Aquatic Club coach Bob MacDonald, here are training principles tailored for swimmers and triathletes. [The embedded viewer may stumble if you have a stale Google login. If you can’t see the embedded viewer log out and back in to Google or download the Training Principles document directly.]



In the front crawl, it’s important to emphasize the following:

long axis
high elbow
right angles
stroke acceleration
the “T” position
round off release

Watch this video of Sun Yang from the 2012 London Olympic Games.


Watch this video of Rebecca Soni’s 200m breaststroke technique from the 2012 London Olympic games. Shoulders, hips, feet – keeping the sinusoid moving down the pool.

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