The 2015-2016 Winter Grand Prix came to its fateful conclusion on Sunday. Generously hosted by the 19th Hole, the weather was fair with a mild wind from the west. All was not calm on the race course, however, as a pair of devious miscreants flipped the arrow at the intersection of Old Colony Road and Gosnold Street between the walkers and the runners causing the lead runners, and indeed much of the pack, to add an extra 1.4 mile tour around the Kalmus Beach neighborhood. But that extra distance meant one more cookie or a larger piece of pie at the post-race potluck so all was not lost in Mudville on this day. As for the results? After untangling the wreckage of bodies, we’ve ranked everyone by pace for the finale race. Review race results and all your standings and send corrections to before Friday! And remember to get to the banquet on Saturday for dancing, awards and dinner – if you can still walk. Preliminary results subject to judicial review:


15-19   Ryan Richer
20-24 Maggie Gardner  
25-29 Kati Oberg Seb Byland
30-34 Sarah Newcomb-Baker Justin Torrellas
35-39 Heather Manuel Geoffrey Mulholland
40-44 Rebecca Tadema-Wielandt Josh Lyon / Dustin Baker
45-49 Kimberly Robbins Geof Newton
50-54 Katie McCully Paul Hufnagel
55-59 Kayleen Rosato Mike Sellars
60-64 Kit Boucher Tom Cugno
65-69 Janet Kelly Gene Cormier
70-74   Dave Baker
75-79 Martha Edwards  
80-84   Larry Cole
Clyde   Rob Kadunc
Walker Wendy Bonfini Bill Dalrymple


Individual Points Leaders

Katie McCully (4808) Chris Novak (5280)
Kayleen Rosato (4475) Marshall Lovelette (4950)
Kimberly Robbins (4425) Josh Lyon (4844)



Overall Mixed
Nauset Surf & Turf Nauset Surf & Turf / Happy Trails
Happy Trails Guns and Hoses
Guns and Hoses Mixed Nuts

CCAC looked GOOD last Sunday, with relay teams finishing 2nd and 5th out of 210 teams, covering 26.22 miles in Falmouth, MA on Oct. 26th. CCAC Men ran  2:41:53, captained by Mike Merrill, who ran 2 legs. Other runners were Dave Corbett, Chris Novak, and Dave Faszewski. CCAC Coed ran 2:51:24, captained by Geof Newton. This team, which included 2 women, finished FIRST in the Mixed Open category out of 104 teams, behind only 4 men’s teams. The runners were Katie McCully, Geof Newton, Jason McWhirter, Justin Torrellas, and Dawn Varnum.
CCAC won the Cape Cod Invitational Cup for the 2nd straight year. The other clubs in the competition included the Wampanoags (4th and 8th), and the Greater Boston Track Club (3rd and 10th). Only invited clubs that had at least 2 teams finish were scored in the club competition. The remaining competitors were Colonial Road Runners, Falmouth Track Club, and Thirsty Irish Runners.

The magnitude of these accomplishments was accented by two other noteworthy performances by CCAC runners the same weekend. Mike Merrill finished 2nd OVERALL in the Half-Marathon on Saturday in Falmouth in 1:14:49, winning prize money; that’s right, he completed 24.43 miles of racing in a 28 hour period. Not to be outdone, CCAC President Howard Tansey completed 39.33 miles of racing Falmouth in a 29 hour period, which garnered him 20th place out of 100 competitors in the Chowdah Challenge. He ran 1:40:27 for the half-marathon on Saturday, and 4:03:55 for the marathon on Sunday. Fifteen of the runners who beat him were younger than Howard. Nice going, Michael and Howard. So what does Howard do to relax during the hours between his 2 long weekend runs? He re-shingled 1/3 of his house!


In the past month, I have been to five races at which few, if any, members of CCAC also ran, but they have features that might be attractive to others.

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If you know me, you know that I’ve battled cancer for the 5th time in 25 years this year.  You also know I love to run.  If you didn’t know me before now, you know this about me at least.  Two of my many running goals for 2013 were to run 2000 miles & also complete a 50 miler to celebrate my 50th birthday back in May.  After a DNF at a 50-mile trail/mud fest in June when a health crisis pulled me off the course, I knew I was running out of time to meet this goal and took it upon myself to create an event that I could share with my friends who have accompanied me through my treatment journey this year.  I named this run, "Dari’s 50 Reasons Run" because on any given day, I can think of 100’s of reasons to feel grateful for big & small blessings in my life.  However, when things get tough like they sometimes do when you are not feeling well during cancer treatment, I wanted to remind myself just how much I really do have in spite of my health issues.

Dari (2nd from right) and 50-miler buddies

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CCAC relay teams took the 1st, 4th and 75th spots to clinch this year’s Cape Cod Marathon Relay Club Invitational Cup, this past Sunday, over a half-dozen invited New England running clubs. Taking the overall relay win and the Men’s Open division, team CCAC Merrill Family logged 2:32:56 over the Falmouth Roads. Running along with Barry, Mike and Shaun were Joe Navas and Rory Jenkins. The CCAC Coed team took 4th overall and was the first Mixed Open team, out of 110 in the division, in a time of 2:54:30, 7 minutes ahead of the next team, the Hobblers. Legging it for CCAC Coed: Katie McCully, Justin Torrellas, James Hawley, Jason McWhirter and Kate Heaslip. And after some serious leg juggling and runner shuffling, the CCAC Women logged in at 3:54:56 for 75th overall and 8th in the Female Open division. Representing for the women: Tammy Knight-Gibbons, Jennifer Caprio (two legs), Kelli Venuti and Julie Holt. With the Cup scoring altered to the top two teams this year, CCAC logged 5 points against runner-up Falmouth Track Club who posted 21 points. Congratulations to the runners and much thanks to team captains Mike Merrill, Geof Newton, and Tammy Knight-Gibbons, and to team coordinator Bill Masterson for a wonderful weekend’s racing. Congratulations also to club members who took on the full marathon or the half marathon – or who were crazy enough to tackle the Chowdah Challenge!


Lately I have been running, rather, participating in different kinds of races.   A Fells Run is fashioned in Britain.  They run cross country races where they have several check points to touch upon in a certain order, no real directions, but a map of area given.

So on the morning of the race I go on the Web Site for the Bretton Woods Fells Run.  I find it is 7.8 miles, there are 6 check points and it involves going up and down the ski area several times.  I have 4 hours of driving to mull over this idea.  

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So what did YOU do for Mothers Day?

I guess I relax in a different way than most people.  I ran a 5K distance in each of the 6 New England states.  How did I do it?… I planned to train for several months much like a marathon.  But I have already done 18 marathons, this was different.  How does one train for sitting for 2 hours, running half an hour, sitting for 2 hours, running for a half hour, sitting 2 hours, running half… and Whatnot… Train for endurance.  So I could not find a soul who’d be interested in being my company.  I had a book-on-tape… CD.   Great Company!

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