Start off that spring swim training right!

The Triathlon Team has obtained use of the Woodlands Pool in Brewster for FOUR DAYS each week for 8 weeks starting Monday, April 4. AND…for the first time this will be a “drop-in” program: that is, you won’t have to sign up for all 8 weeks…you can come as is convenient!

Here are the times each week:
MONDAYS – 5:00pm-6:00pm, all skill levels welcome, technique-focused
WEDNESDAYS – 5:00pm-6:00pm, all skill levels welcome, workout-focused
FRIDAYS – 5:00pm-6:00pm, novice-to-intermediate swimmers who need some tips
SATURDAYS – 12noon-1:30pm, intermediate-to-advanced swimmers (hammerfest)

Coaches will be Justin Torrellas with occasional guest appearances by Pam Rogers and Craig Lewin. All three possess stellar credentials and have received rave reviews from our athletes.

These workouts are mostly intended to build your fitness for the season. If you don’t want any help, the coaches will leave you alone, but if you want assistance they will look for sinking hips, crossovers, poor rotation etc., and offer suggestions for correction. There will be some video analysis and at least one session will consist of banging around buoys (always a crowd-pleaser).

Here’s how the fees break down:
– drop-in charge for the Mon, Wed and Fri sessions (60 minutes) will be $20. However, you can buy a ticket book for 5+ sessions for $15 per session
– drop-in charge for the Saturday session (note: 90 minutes in duration) will be $25. Buy a ticket book of 5 or more sessions for $20 per session

You can swim as often, or infrequently, as you wish…once in a while, or several times a week. However general instructions, weekly updates and notifications will NOT be sent to the entire club. If you wish to be on the email list you need to contact Andy Scherding at (For planning purposes it would be wonderful if you mentioned how often or which days you “think” you’ll be able to attend.) Andy will be sending detailed instructions to this “swim list” on Sundays.

In order to keep our lawyers satisfied, you must be a club member to participate! [Become A Member]

AND…don’t forget that our teammate Trish Cundiff has just launched weekly masters swims at the pool at Sandwich High, Sundays 3:30-4:30pm. Another great opportunity for all of us. Contact Trish


Chatham Health & Swim Club has announced that they’ll once again be hosting Greg Johnson’s Winter Swim Clinic on Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm beginning January 5th. Limited to 10 swimmers per session, the cost is $90 for the entire 6-week clinic ($60 for CHSC members) or $20 per night ($15 for CHSC members). Contact Chatham Health & Swim Club to register and for more information.


Bob Eckerson, Chris Hafferty and Adam Ross joined us at our December meeting and told stories of the Cape Cod triathlon scene from the 70’s up through today. While much has changed, especially in gear and training tools, the athletes remain largely the same, striving to perform the best they can and see just how far they can push themselves.


Triangle Multisport will be hosting a triathlon clinic for kids aged 7 to 12 this summer at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School. The clinic will run from July 7th through July 18th weekdays from 9am to 12pm. [More information]


Clean up that stroke under the review of an experienced coach and be ahead of the sharks on race day! Wednesdays at 5pm, join club members at The Woodlands Wellness Center on Freeman’s Way in Brewster. Clinics begin this Wednesday, April 2nd, and cost $105 for a block of 10 (through 11 July). Contact Andy Scherding to RSVP or ask questions.


This Saturday, June 1, is our club’s first Long Pond Practice Triathlon of the 2013 season. While the majority of our teammates have participated in these, our biggest team events, we do have a number of newer members who need to know a few details. So here we go…and veterans, this is worth a read to pick up some new wrinkles in the SOP:

Read the rest of this entry…


The schedule is set! Here are CCTT’s practice triathlons for the 2013 season:

6/1/13 Sat     Sprint: swim .25 miles, bike 10, run 3.6
6/23/13 Sun Sprint: swim .25 miles, bike 10, run 3.6
Olympic: swim .9 miles, bike 24, run 6.2
7/6/13 Sat      Sprint: swim .33 miles, bike 9, run 3.1
7/27/13 Sat    Sprint: swim .25 miles, bike 10, run 3.6
Olympic: swim .9 miles, bike 24, run 6.2
8/18/13 Sun  Formula One: swim .15 miles, bike 4.5, run 2,
then into the water to do it all over again!
8/31/13 Sat    Sprint: swim .25 miles, bike 10, run 3.6

All start times are 7:30am, held at Brewster’s Long Pond Beach. Watch this space for further details.



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