BPR August 13, 2019


August 13, 2019

Aiden McCormack 20:08
Kate Santoro 21:13
Nick Abbott 22:51
Taylor Mitchell 23:15
Nathaniel Perkins 23:28
Matt Holdgate 23:42
Eliza Thomas 24:17
Gretchen Cooney 24:19
Paul Santoro 24:43
Christina Boling 25:10
Raymond McClure 25:17
Katie Weedon 26:36
Jared Smith 26:44
Roy Weedon *29:38
Peter Meerbergen 29:45
Chadd Meerbergen 29:45
Amy Ford Kedhane 32:31
John Hartig 35:17
Mark Abbott 35:20

*Season Best   ** Personal Course Record   CR Course Record

Runners meet Tuesdays rain or shine at 5:15 PM at the corner of Beach & Easton Streets for a 5:30 PM start 5K (3.1 miles) run over a mostly flat course with one hill and some moderate grades. Runners of all ability from beginners to veterans are welcome. There are no entry fees. For information cal 508 228-0206. Course records Steve O’Brien 15:42; Lindsay Wilkins 17:59. Course measurement: Dr. Bob Kennedy, USATF #MA11039JK.

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