CCAC Wins CCI Cup for 2nd Straight Year

CCAC looked GOOD last Sunday, with relay teams finishing 2nd and 5th out of 210 teams, covering 26.22 miles in Falmouth, MA on Oct. 26th. CCAC Men ran  2:41:53, captained by Mike Merrill, who ran 2 legs. Other runners were Dave Corbett, Chris Novak, and Dave Faszewski. CCAC Coed ran 2:51:24, captained by Geof Newton. This team, which included 2 women, finished FIRST in the Mixed Open category out of 104 teams, behind only 4 men’s teams. The runners were Katie McCully, Geof Newton, Jason McWhirter, Justin Torrellas, and Dawn Varnum.
CCAC won the Cape Cod Invitational Cup for the 2nd straight year. The other clubs in the competition included the Wampanoags (4th and 8th), and the Greater Boston Track Club (3rd and 10th). Only invited clubs that had at least 2 teams finish were scored in the club competition. The remaining competitors were Colonial Road Runners, Falmouth Track Club, and Thirsty Irish Runners.

The magnitude of these accomplishments was accented by two other noteworthy performances by CCAC runners the same weekend. Mike Merrill finished 2nd OVERALL in the Half-Marathon on Saturday in Falmouth in 1:14:49, winning prize money; that’s right, he completed 24.43 miles of racing in a 28 hour period. Not to be outdone, CCAC President Howard Tansey completed 39.33 miles of racing Falmouth in a 29 hour period, which garnered him 20th place out of 100 competitors in the Chowdah Challenge. He ran 1:40:27 for the half-marathon on Saturday, and 4:03:55 for the marathon on Sunday. Fifteen of the runners who beat him were younger than Howard. Nice going, Michael and Howard. So what does Howard do to relax during the hours between his 2 long weekend runs? He re-shingled 1/3 of his house!

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