BPR May 27, 2014

BRANT POINT RUNNERS   MAY 27, 2014   A McKenna-Foster 18:28 Levi Barna 18:48 Simon Wang 19:55 David Burke *20:02 Rachel Powers *20:53 Emily Taylor *21:10 Keith Mansfield 21:55 Dustin Gassner 22:59 Sydney Lester 23:27 Gillian Antonietti 23:29 Vin Raimo **23:34 Waverly Brannigan **23:39 William Sullivan 24:19 Juan Ventura **24:27 Jared Smith *24:36 Garner Ray […]

Iron Teams Volunteers.

———- Forwarded message ———-From: Jake Allegrini <jakeallegrini@gmail.com> HI everybody, As you all know, volunteers are the key ingredient in putting on a quality, well run event. The Nantucket Triathlon Club has been very fortunate to have had an enthusiastic group of devoted volunteers which has resulted in many successful races. The 2014 Nantucket Iron Teams […]

BPR May 20, 2014

BRANT POINT RUNNERS   MAY 20, 2014   A McKenna-Foster 18:55 Jim Congdon 19:17 Keith Mansfield 19:46 Alex Ericksen 20:40 Bob Hickman 21:34 Greg McKechnie 21:34 Emily Taylor 21:35 Ken Gullicksen 21:46 Dustin Gassner *22:58 Sydney Lester 23:18 Gillian Antonietti 23:41 Benn Rudd **23:41 Garner Ray 23:52 Waverly Brannigan **24:44 Hannah Johnson **24:49 Sam O'Keefe […]

FW: Tri Club and Swim Across America

———- Forwarded message ———-From: Gretchen Cooney <gcooney@comcast.net>   Hey Nantucket Tri Club!  I know August 23rd is still months away, but make the commitment now to be part of this year's Swim Across America on Nantucket.    Join the Nantucket Tri Club team and the SAA community and challenge yourself by swimming 1/2 mile or a […]

Mattapoisett 4th of July Road Race

Celebrate Independence Day by running the 44th annual 5 mile road race held in the scenic seaside town of Mattapoisett, MA! The race begins at 9:00 am  Friday, 4th of July . Mail in registration $20 by 22 June; o nline registration $15 by 24 June; register at Shipyard Park $20 3 July (5-7:30); $25 the […]