Meeting Minutes – 5 March 2014

Larry Cole, presiding

* Members present – 16

* February 2014 Meeting Minutes approved and accepted. Treasurer’s report not available for March meeting.

* This year’s CCAC Banquet numbers – projected vs. actual were discussed.

* Membership – Tom Nally – Tom needs suggestions from people on what to do about membership cards.

* News about Members – Martha and Bob Edwards recently visited John Worgan – John has been up and out of bed recently.

* Race results – Ray Botelho’s St. Patrick’s Race, Seagull Six, Cape Cod Trail race and other races coming up.

* CCTT – Chris Crema – USAT NCC Challenge has now completed it’s 3 month session (December – February). CCAC came in 2nd in the Northeast Division. 50 members participated. New uniform vendor has been selected. Chris also discussed about a sponsorship program and a sponsorship agreement. Discussion about sponsorship money to go towards CCTT uniforms. Sponsors can be a gold, silver or bronze classification. Motion suggested to modify Rockland Trust contract which will be reviewed by Directors – motion to approve inviting sponsors to next year’s Banquet. There was also a motion to approve sponsorship program form. Potential of 4 sponsors. Motion made and approved to move forward with new sponsorship program.

* Gatorade has provided CCAC with a case of Gatorade for the upcoming Boston Marathon.

* News from The Chair – A big thank you to all of the volunteers who helped out at the Hyannis races in February. Larry announced that he will be receiving a pacemaker in hospital on March 6th.

* Hyannis Races – a good turnout and a lot of volunteers showed up. Club earned $5,000 from Paul Collyer for volunteering efforts.

* Kids Triathlon – Brazil race – Dwight Pfundstein not present at March meeting but he requested a motion to be made in favor of the kids’ race. Request is for a $250 donation. Motion made and accepted to donate $250 towards race.

* Jane Lovelette – discussed the possibility of CCAC to share a room at the Lenox Hotel on Marathon Day with Falmouth Track Club. There will not be any baggage buses this year. FTC has approximately 6 people going and would be riding on CCAC bus to the race. However, this is not definite yet. Jane to advise before April meeting.

* Club Timing Device – Andy Scherding has done more research on different types of timers. Discussion about whether Club would use timer enough to justify purchase of a new one. Geof brought up an idea about purchasing something which would be more than a timing clock, i.e., a device which would track finishing times. More research to be done.

* Membership management – per Howard, more investigation is to be done on this. Howard has started to make some progress on this.

* CCAC Elections – current slates: Howard Tansey, President, Mary Duchesney, Vice President, Adam Ross, Treasurer, Mary Ellen Ross, Secretary. Directors: Bob Edwards, Cathy Lohse, Geof Newton, Dwight Pfundstein, Joe Weinberger. Bob Edwards announced that he does not want to serve as Chairman of Board, but rather to just be a Member.

* Suggestion made about having Chris Crema elected as Vice President of CCTT. There will be a discussion about having 2 Vice Presidents; i.e., a VP for CCAC and a VP for CCTT.

* Next CCAC monthly meeting to be held on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at Dennis Senior Center.

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