Meeting Minutes – 8 January 2014

Larry Cole, presiding

* Members present – 23-25

* December 2013 Meeting Minutes approved and accepted. Recent Treasurer’s report approved and accepted.

* Chairman/Board of Directors – Bob Edwards – commented on all applications for Boston Marathon waivers sent in. Received total of 5 waivers this year and have all been presented to individuals based on applications submitted. Have received 8 waivers in past years, but this year only 5 were received.

* Membership status – Tom Nally – commented that December has been a busy month for membership. New membership cards are in. Larry mentioned idea of having membership year on cards along with member’s number. Decision to be made on how they will be distributed.

* News about members – Shelly Masterson was recently ill – doing better and is home.

* Races and events – Bill Masterson – commented that 2 club members received MA Runners of the Year Award. National Competition – USATF – Bill Riley given Long Distance Runner Award. Discussed leading scores from recent Grand Prix races for each age group. Weary Travelers GP race was well attended by CCAC members and many awards presented. Bayside Runner in Yarmouth is the next GP race and will be a pot luck event.

* CCTT – Chris Crema – Swim clinics in process of being set up.

* McGillivray article discussed, along with recent lost dog story from Chatham (during night of recent blizzard).

* Old Business – CCAC Night at Marathon Sports had a good turnout. Recent YPD GP race with Capt. Parkers as post race venue to be better organized for next year. CCAC Banquet flyers have been mailed out to over 200 individuals. January 27th will be deadline for getting in all Banquet reservations and funds.

* New race discussion – Chatham 5k & 10k – presented by Howard Tansey – potential date to be on 2nd Sunday in Dec 2014. New race to be incorporated as part of GP series. Possible to set race up as a Club Invitational race for various running clubs. Howard has spoken with other clubs about interest. Discussed about now being the time to think about organizing race, etc. Geof Newton to see about having both the 5k and 10k races to count towards GP scoring for runners. Discussed possible start time at 11am in lieu of noon start. Motion made to fund new ad for New England Runner Magazine calendar to promote this new race venue. All in favor of motion.

* February Hyannis races – Discussed about volunteers for these races. Sign up sheet now available. This volunteer effort is an important source of income for CCAC.

* CCAC Running Team – Howard Tansey – Howard has been working with individuals about organizing a new running team.

* Guest speaker – Ms. Amy Gia Quinto, from Personalized Fitness Solutions. Subject: “Core & How It Will Effect Your Running.”

* Next CCAC monthly meeting to be held on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at Dennis Senior Center.

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