CCAC Wins 2013 Invitational Cup

CCAC relay teams took the 1st, 4th and 75th spots to clinch this year’s Cape Cod Marathon Relay Club Invitational Cup, this past Sunday, over a half-dozen invited New England running clubs. Taking the overall relay win and the Men’s Open division, team CCAC Merrill Family logged 2:32:56 over the Falmouth Roads. Running along with Barry, Mike and Shaun were Joe Navas and Rory Jenkins. The CCAC Coed team took 4th overall and was the first Mixed Open team, out of 110 in the division, in a time of 2:54:30, 7 minutes ahead of the next team, the Hobblers. Legging it for CCAC Coed: Katie McCully, Justin Torrellas, James Hawley, Jason McWhirter and Kate Heaslip. And after some serious leg juggling and runner shuffling, the CCAC Women logged in at 3:54:56 for 75th overall and 8th in the Female Open division. Representing for the women: Tammy Knight-Gibbons, Jennifer Caprio (two legs), Kelli Venuti and Julie Holt. With the Cup scoring altered to the top two teams this year, CCAC logged 5 points against runner-up Falmouth Track Club who posted 21 points. Congratulations to the runners and much thanks to team captains Mike Merrill, Geof Newton, and Tammy Knight-Gibbons, and to team coordinator Bill Masterson for a wonderful weekend’s racing. Congratulations also to club members who took on the full marathon or the half marathon – or who were crazy enough to tackle the Chowdah Challenge!

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