President’s Message – June 2013

A couple of weeks before the Johnny Kelley Half Marathon and Officer Asselton 5K races in Hyannis on Memorial Day weekend, Paul Collyer was still short of workers at the registration tables on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Liz Broadrick and Norma Kelly joined me from 12:00 to 4:00pm on Saturday, and Joanne Corsano and Sue Eastman did duty on Sunday morning from 6:15-8:15. Many thanks to all of them for helping out on short notice. It’s much to the club’s benefit that we can be counted on in such circumstances.

On Friday and Saturday, June 7th and 8th, for the second year in a row, we supplied volunteers to the Craigville Beach Sprint 1 Triathlon run by Candy, Lance and Tony Panigutti, dba as Without Limit Productions. Staffing the number pick-up operations on Friday afternoon were: John Donahue, Mary Duchesney, Tammy Gibson, Norma Kelley, Jason Lilly, Jinx and Joe O’Loughlin, and Chris Segura. Working the course on race day, to which we have brought cold, wet weather three times this year, were: Pat Connors, Joanne Corsano, Kate Heaslip, Norma Kelley, Jason Lilly, Jinx O’Loughlin, Andy Scherding and myself. That’s a very gratifying turnout by club members for an event in which lots of other club members are participating.

Sprint 2 at Craigville Beach on September 6-7 is another such opportunity, which we also worked at last year. There is even a third event in July in Falmouth on July 12-13 for anyone who is interested. We are welcome, but not expected to provide workers at that event. Members who live on or near that "island" may be interested in helping out there. If so, please contact me. The call for September will go out later.

~ Larry Cole

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