President’s Message – May 2013

"Summer is icumen in", according to Geof — Chaucer, not Newton.

Thanks to Andy Scherding’s instigation, Heather Manuel, Boston Marathon finisher and manager of Bayside Runner in Yarmouth is holding CCAC Night at the store on Monday, June 3rd, at 6:00pm: refreshments, raffle prizes, and discounts, but no run. Bayside Runner is also sponsoring pub runs around the mid-Cape, and I think the next one is scheduled for the Nun Run course in Chatham in mid-June. The run at Cape Cod beer on a recent Wednesday evening was a sudsy success and well attended by CCAC folks. One can get on their e-mail newsletter list and keep informed about upcoming events on Cape Cod and in Plymouth area. I would appreciate other officers and directors making an appearance, as I will be out of state that day.

Ruckus Boston, an obstacle and mud course run in Marshfield on June 15th and 16th, needs workers for the event. The original request was for a team of 25 volunteers to be paid $500. I advised them that we probably couldn’t round up that many, and would not recommend members go work for nothing unless they just wanted to see what the race was like, in anticipation of doing one sometime. Well, they relented and will take any numbers they can get at $20 per person. Please contact me if you are interested in working either day. I’m running an early wave on Saturday, sight unseen.

If you tried your luck at the FRR lottery, I hope you won (but, it’s a mixed blessing), and wherever you are running this weekend — Highland Light Race in Truro on Saturday, or a race in Hyannis on Sunday, e. g.,  —  good luck. And good luck to Race Directors Geof and Kathleen at Truro.

As you will note when the minutes of the May meeting are posted, your club donated $500 to the OneFund Boston.

~ Larry

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