Kate Naples Runs New England

So what did YOU do for Mothers Day?

I guess I relax in a different way than most people.  I ran a 5K distance in each of the 6 New England states.  How did I do it?… I planned to train for several months much like a marathon.  But I have already done 18 marathons, this was different.  How does one train for sitting for 2 hours, running half an hour, sitting for 2 hours, running for a half hour, sitting 2 hours, running half… and Whatnot… Train for endurance.  So I could not find a soul who’d be interested in being my company.  I had a book-on-tape… CD.   Great Company!

On Saturday 11 May I left East Sandwich at 4:50am.  Going through Boston it started to rain… quite a bit, then not so much, then a lot again.  At 6:20 I stopped at Newburyport to go potty and get a small coffee.  By 6:50 I was in Kittery, Maine.  I went to Fort Foster at Kittery Point.  7:10am I started the run, ran under the gate.  Did a 0.8 mile jaunt thru the "fort" area.  Then did an out and back on the road, the scenic side of the bridge.  It was 55 degrees and rainy.  26:57 for time.   When I finished I hoped to change my wet clothes in the port-a-potty… but it was locked.  So I did the change in the Dunkins on Outlet Rd.  7:40am on the road to New Hampshire.

What I thought would be a easy deal drive to Manchester and then to Nashua… turned messy.  At Manchester the road got confusing.  I ended up taking a road in front of the Manchester airport… Not where I was supposed to be.  Lost 20 minutes.  Also got $20 of gas.  Found my way eventually.  Got to Nashua South High School area 9:10am.  It was 67 degrees and over cast.  I started in the parking lot of Stello Stadium, YMCA, and an ice rink.  I did the 3 loop course of the Freeze Your Buns Off 5K the Gate City Strider Winter series race.  26:36!!  Changed my clothes in the rink bathroom. 

On the road again… this time for Vermont… Had to go north 2 exits to route 101 west.  Drove the width of New Hampshire via this ever scenic road.  Cute areas include Petersborough and Dublin.  Probably a lovely ride in mid-October.  Lots of up and down… glad I was driving a car!  Got across the Connecticut River in due time.  Drove south for a touch …..  Tried to find the Brattleboro Hospital.  I ran a 5K there last year in May or April.  So I parked somewhere beside a red covered bridge.  64 degrees and drizzly to rainy.  I read a black obelisk that talked about the Molly Stark path, except I couldn’t figure my directions… so  I just ran through the covered bridge (Creamery Bridge)  and up a steep hill.  Kept going… I had to use a bathroom… nothing but residential and woods.  So after turning around 1.5 miles out, I pulled into a ditch near a brook… and let my colon free.  As I climbed out of the brush, some car was doing a U’y… Don’t we know what you’re doing Kate?!  Mmmmhmmm. Finished that run soaked….  Not only were there tons of cars at that location, but it was raining, most of my run.   29:56.   I could have gone to a Farmers Market… but it was raining and I was not interested in being in the wet longer!  Changed my shirt in the car.

My intent was to drive into Massachusetts and along the Mohawk Trail Route 2,… find a Dunkins or Mc’y D’s… then get lunch and change my clothes.   Well it rained crossing the Vermont/Massachusetts border. I found the Mohawk Trail fine. Took a good distance before I stopped at a Dunkins for chicken salad sandwich… and changed my clothes entirely.  Then I ate my lunch.  I continued the drive back to route 495… and down to Cape Cod, while listening to the Book-on-tape (CD).   I stopped at Middleboro to get gas, I was on empty… I got home at 3:33pm to rain/Drizzle… Whew.  Long drive… achy with: run, sit, run, sit, run, sit,… 459 miles round trip.   Took my Mom and Nancy to see the Musical at Sandwich High at night… Standing O was tough on the quads and hamstrings!

Sunday I left at 4:50am.  Took a pit stop at Hopkinton for pee and small coffee.  By 6:30 I was in Connecticut via Mass Pike and Route 395.   I pulled into a Dunkins parking lot on Woodstock Rd in Putnam CT.  Used the facilities.  Then  readied for the run.  It was drizzly still… 61 degrees.  On this straight road within a quarter mile I crossed from Putnam, to Woodstock to Thompson CT… then turned at 1.5 miles out, near a lovely farm spread.   26:38.  Walked a touch post run, even stretched a little.  Changed my shirt and off I drove … Toward RI.

Ok the first little town off route 44 from Connecticut to Rhode Island was New Gloucester.  I entertained running in a woods area.  But thought better, I am not comfortable running there as I don’t know where I am.  So I found Harmony, RI.  What a cute name, what a cute town.  Parked at the Harmony Library across from the Harmony Fire Station.  I ran up a steep hill of a lovely residential area.  There were smaller homes, then larger homes, vast farmed areas… with cows, chickens, etc. Then terrific stone walls, ancient to time.  Beautiful place, Harmony, RI.  29:55… 61 degrees and over cast.    Left that parking lot at 8:42.

Ok, I was supposed to just drive on 44 to Providence… Some how the highway I turned on was not the right one.  I don’t know what happened.  Well, I drove into some town… I drove around… lost about 20 minutes.  Then Found myself on the right road headed for Providence/Cape Cod.  Ahhh.  Some how I found myself driving from the South, Cranston.   Whatever, once at the India Point Bridge, I know where I am.  So I had to stop again to relieve my active bladder, Swansea.

Finally at the final leg at the Train Bridge at Cape Cod Canal  10:15am! 58 degrees and drizzly… of course.  On ne fait pas de chocolate!  My legs were suffering at the start… moved quite slowly.  But got it going on at the half way point.  Finished with 28:23.. not the slowest!  But very glad to be done… Check off that goal!  Got home at 11:18… still morning!! ahhh…

Great experience.  Don’t think I would recommend doing all the 6 states 5K s in a single day.  I do feel good having achieved that goal.  While other people do other things to relax or get rid of stress… I have got to say.. I feel I am a better New England resident having first hand experience with the terrain.  Great way to see a lot of area. Also helps with stress relief… mothering 3 teenagers is not a garden of roses………. Kate…………

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