Track Workout – 16 May 2013

After last week’s long intervals, it’s now time for some 5K/5M race tuning and a little bit of strength work. To facilitate neuromuscular activation, that is, getting the brain and the central nervous system more in tune with what we’re trying to do with our muscles, we need to focus on very short, very intense work intervals. Because it takes between 25 and 35 seconds for your body to catch up to an applied stress, we’ll keep our work intervals at 30 seconds and then jog or walk for 30 seconds to recover. After that, hit the hills for some strength adaptation. Find a hill that you can comfortably run up within about 20 steps, again, nothing longer than 30 seconds. Now alternate running, leaping and skipping on each climb and repeat 4 times. Use your arms to drive you up the hill. Be sure to do a full dynamic warm up prior to embarking on today’s session.

10’ jog warm up
dynamic warm up: leg swings, walking drills, dynamic upper body stretches
10 x 30s x 30s @ 110%
dynamic stretches: leg swings, walking drills
4 x hill triplet (run, leap, skip)
10’ jog cool down

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