President’s Message – April 2013

  After the tragic events at the Boston Marathon, everything else is anti-climactic, but life must return to as near normal as possible, which means we must proceed with club business. However, except for routine administrative matters at the May meeting, the only planned discussion item on the agenda is Boston, including consideration of a donation to One Fund Boston, and possibly helping organize a Cape-wide fund-raising event. We would like to have those who were there in any capacity tell us about their experiences, so we can appreciate what you went through, and perhaps let talking about it help you decompress. So I invite all members who were in Boston to come share their stories with us, specially those members who received club waivers, but nobody should feel under any pressure to do anything they feel uncomfortable with.

  Unless someone has an idea for a special program this summer, we will not meet in June-July-August, but the room is available for us to use like we did last August for the yoga clinic. Perhaps we could have a back pain session in one of those months. Ideas are welcome.

  Our supplying volunteers at Craigville Beach triathlons on June 8th and September 7th is highly sought by Without Limits Productions again, with the same deal as last year, except I suggest we donate the proceeds to the One Fund Boston this year. We can discuss that among the volunteers. Please contact me by e-mail at or at 508-432-2464 if you are willing to work either the day before or on race day. Everyone please note the changed e-mail address!

  If you still have flags or vests from the Hyannis Marathon in February, please arrange to get them to me so I can return them to Paul in time for the Johnny Kelley races on Memorial Day weekend.

~ President Larry

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