BPR April 30, 2013

BRANT POINT RUNNERS   APRIL 30, 2013   A McKenna-Foster 19:05 Levy Barna 19:11 Keith Mansfield 20:28 Seth Hatch 20:37 Matt Parker *21:00 Ken Gullicksen 21:15 Tommy Slade **21:27 Eleanor Antonietti *21:34 Rachel Powers 22:29 John Hubbard 23:03 William Sullivan *23:44 Jared Smith **23:47 Gillian Antonietti **23:48 Brandon Whiting 23:57 Elle Foley 24:01 Kelly Facteau […]

President’s Message – April 2013

  After the tragic events at the Boston Marathon, everything else is anti-climactic, but life must return to as near normal as possible, which means we must proceed with club business. However, except for routine administrative matters at the May meeting, the only planned discussion item on the agenda is Boston, including consideration of a […]

Track Workout – 25 April 2013

Learning how to run fast on tired legs is crucial for the finishing phase of your 5K and 5 mile races. As you come to the finish, you’ll be surging, attacking, fending off attacks, and shifting into your finishing kick. A descending ladder will train you to run faster as you fatigue through the workout. […]

Hyannis and Falmouth Sprint News

News from the organizers of the New England Triathlon Tour…first: Falmouth Tri will sell out within 2 weeks; second: 3-race packages for the 2013 season were sold out but they’ve opened up 30 additionals. It’s the only way to get a discount on race fees at this point. http://newenglandtritour.com