Kevin’s 10 Miler – February 1988

From the archives, here’s a race report from the 1988 edition of Kevin’s 10 Miler, written by our venerable Don Bates. [This year’s results (2013) courtesy of our Fitchat blogger, Susan Eastman]

February 14th, 10 Miles In Hyannis, by Don Bates

  It was Valentines Day and all 22 hearts were pumping hard at the 3 mile mark in this year’s 10 mile Grand Prix from Hanlon’s in Hyannis. This out and back course of 5 miles each way is a hearty event that usually has fast times and good times.

  Bill Von Thaden felt like testing himself as he went out fast and ran alone for the whole race. Bill ran an even split of 29:30 each way. Going into the wind was at least 2-3 minutes slower; so that his effort and everyone else’s was considerably faster. Don Bates, Darrell Coddington and Kevin Petrovek were in the 2nd group at 32:50 at the turn around point. From there, Darrell picked it up a tad and made a good little race out of it. Bates and he ran solo with Petrovek about 50 yards behind. Darrell was dressed like an Olympic speed skater and Don was dressed like usual, old shorts and torn sleeve. Don passed Darrell with a mile to go and coasted in at 62:18. Darrell ran great in 62:36. Petrovek, fatigued from a nite at the Boston Symphony and Tower Records, a tough double, came in at 63:18. Bates immediately turned around and did 10 more with Charlie Ratti for a 20 mile workout in prep for the Hyannis Marathon. Charlie ran a 68:18 for 10 before doing his next 10 miles with Don. Charlie is a remarkable athlete in this sport.

  Other competitors were Mike Naughton in 5th at 65:50 which was a fine effort considering he was coming back from being ill. Randy Brown ran his last race here for a while as he was transferred to Philadelphia for 2 years. He’ll stay as a member with us and he’ll forward his address for those who might be in the Philly area in the near future. Steve Loesch and Brian Kelly came in together at 66:54. No, they didn’t hold hands as they crossed the finish line. Bob White just missed breaking 70 minutes as he ran 70:11. It is possible he might have danced too much the night before! Dan Von Thaden broke another barrier as he ran 10 miles for the first time in his life. This guy could have 50 mile potential. Joe Weinberger ran a steady 75:10 as he seems to be getting back in shape. New member Ron Mahony ran a 78:41. Ron is a potential sub 3:20 in the 50 and over category. Dave Collins ran in harmony with his head phones and looked good coming in at 82 minutes. those weren’t my French tapes you were listening to Dave, were they?

  We had three women in the race and all ran well and looked good too! Lorraine Siveo ran 72:24 followed by an improved Maryann Knight in 72:55. Kristin Surnineais from South Dartmouth, who used to run at DY, came in at 75:10. Beer, pizza, and selling shoes followed. All in all it was a good day had by all!

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