Meeting Minutes – 2 January 2013

Larry Cole, presiding

* Members present – 22

* December minutes and Treasurer’s report discussed. Reviewed fluctuation in Treasurer’s report results year over year i.e., expenses, insurance, race activity, etc. Treasurer’s report accepted.

* Discussion about new members present at races compared to prior years. During summer months, can obtain new members from triathlons, races, etc.

* Race Reach vs. Club Express – would make it more easy to identify new members vs. existing members – discussion about this. Still to be worked on and discussed by Board Members.

* Per Larry, recent Grand Prix line-up mailing was done with postcards – approx. 450 mailings went out – about 2 dozen postcards were returned.

* Thursday, January 10th – Directors meeting at Bob Edwards’ house – 7:30pm.

* Per Larry, he will be making a suggestion to Directors about the possibility of increasing membership dues. Also about future GP races in Dennis – paying for police detail?

* Larry has applied for a race permit for the upcoming Harwich Grand Prix races as well as future races in Harwich.

* Bill Masterson – discussed notable race results.

* Andy Scherding – Discussed current CCTT news. Winter/Spring swim clinics to start soon. Waiting list for both upcoming sessions. Early February – an indoor time trial race to be held in Boston. Plan to recruit sponsors – looking for guidance from Board and members. Committee within triathlon team, steering committee – new people have joined the committee.

* Geof Newton – coming attractions – February 2nd – the Fat Ass 50k race – other races to be promoted by Geof.

* Letter went off to BAA with regard to having a work assignment for CCAC on Marathon race day in Boston.

* Club liability insurance renewed for the 2013 term, per Geof.

* Highland Light Race, Truro MA – CCAC rec’d letter from race director indicating that they are looking for a new race director.

* IRS – tax exempt status issue still to be worked out, per Larry. Larry planning on discussing with the local IRS office.

* Grand Prix – old business – YPD race sign-up was well organized and there was a good turnout. The after party event was held at Captain Parker’s Pub. Per Larry, more publicity would have been welcomed about the after party venue.

* Grand Prix – Race #8 – to be held near elementary school in Eastham. Mileage to be approx. 5 miles, maybe a bit less, per Howard Tansey. Race to be held at Dawn Varnum’s mother’s home and will be a potluck event. Members encouraged to bring food / beverage.

* Per Howard Tansey – has a new idea about handling volunteer responsibilities for next year’s GP races. Suggested that each team would be responsible at a particular race, but still be able to run the race. Only issue is that some individuals are not already on a team. Only an idea at this time.

* 19th Hole Pub #6 GP race – food can be brought to race venue. Larry to work out details with pub owner.

* Annual CCAC Banquet – Discussed that not a lot of banquet flyers have been picked up and that only a few reservations have come in so far. Discussion about whether a reminder mailing should be done. Also, should there be any mention made about the 8th race in the mailing?

* Chatham Bars Inn – increased ticked price is $45 per person. Discussion about price and drink ticket rationale. For next year, need to plan out banquet earlier than was done this year. Bill Masterson brought up an idea that individuals pay for their own drinks vs. a free drink ticket provided by CCAC.* Motion to eliminate drink ticket for this year’s banquet – voted on and motion was approved to eliminate free drink tickets. Also a discussion about obtaining either a DJ or a live band.

(* The idea is to save money, and to help avoid liability)

* Next CCAC monthly meeting to be held on Wednesday, February 6 , 2013 at Dennis Senior Center.

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