President’s Message – January 2013

Congratulations to club members who won a significant share of awards at the Weary Travelers race on Sunday, January 6th; maybe even a plurality went to CCAC, although the Thirsty Irish Runners think they did well also. Their Chinese green shirts  were certainly conspicuous. Jim McLaughlin said they would turn out 60 runners at the Paddy Kelley 5-mile race in Brockton on February 10th., sponsored by our Colonial Running Club friends, and challenged us to do likewise. I doubt we will come close to that number, but I urge members to consider this race. I have been running it for a few years now, because it is a week prior to the Foxboro Old Fashioned 10-miler, which is a week before the Hyannis half. So, the sequence is a nice ramp up distance-wise. Also, the food at Brockton is good and plentiful, and there is one ticket for a free beer. If you suspect that Paddy Kelley’s is anIrish pub, you would be correct.

The next CCAC Grand Prix race is at the 19th Hole in Hyannis. Remember, this is a “pot luck,” so bring something edible as well as a thirst, and the start time goes back to 11:00am.

The January 27th race will be based at Dawn Varnum’s mother’s house at 45 Duck Marsh Lane in Eastham, so this is another race to which we will bring food and be on our best behavior — it’s somebody’s home, after all. VP Howard Tansey has laid out the course, and Geof Newton has made this map. The start and finish are on Schoolhouse Road; that is, we will stay out of the marsh.

Flyers for the February 2nd Annual Awards Banquet (dinner dance) are available on line and as hard copy at the GP races. The deadline for signing up is January 27th. There will be a live band for your dancing pleasure.

We need volunteers for the Hyannis Marathon races. Contact me as soon as possible to sign up.

~ Larry

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