President’s Message – December 2012

Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays. In particular, Merry Christmas and Happy New (running) Year.

Thanks to our hard core running members, especially those who adjusted to the location change for the race scheduled for Chapin’s. The first three Grand Prix Series races were successfully completed and the post-race gatherings enjoyed by all. Remember, for our next race, at the Yarmouth Police Station, please bring a food item, but no alcohol. We will probably not have any issues with police at this race.

Miscellaneous factoids:
– Our next Club meeting is January 2nd.
– The race at Weary Travelers race starts at 10:30.
– There will be a GP Series race on January 27th; details to follow later. Thanks to VP Howard Tansey.
– Annual awards banquet flyers were available at Hawksnest and Chapin’s, and will be available at the rest of the races. If anyone is familiar with the Somers-Frost Band, Night Train, or The Total Strangers, and their suitability as a dance band for our banquet, please contact me. The Total Strangers have been known to play at the Chatham Squire.

One More Mile,

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