Elf/Solstice/EOW Run

Although the Winter Grand Prix is on break for the holiday weekend, you can still get the adrenaline flowing with a group run on Saturday. Assuming we survive the 21st of December, Susan Eastman has organized an informal 2.8 mile fun run on Saturday morning at 9:00AM at Veterans Beach in Hyannis. Festive attire is requested although not mandatory. Since the winter solstice officially occurs at 6:12AM on Friday morning, you can call this a 26h42m delayed solstice run, a ‘hurray, I survived the end-of-the-world’ run, a happy-elf run, or perhaps a ‘help! I’m being chased by zombies!’ run. Whatever you call it, join Sue and the rest of the holiday bunch at 9AM on Saturday.

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