Christmas Gifts from CCAC & Friends

Still looking for that perfect holiday gift? How about a membership to CCAC? You can sign up your friend, neighbor, parents, family, or even complete strangers by mailing in the application or signing up on-line. In addition to some serious motivation, they’ll then be able to join us for the Winter Grand Prix, participate in our summer triathlon training events, earn miles and goodies in the USAT National Challenge Competition, and more!

kates-quiltsNeed something more tangible to stuff a stocking with too? How about a t-shirt quilt from Kate Naples? When she’s not running up and down mountains, Kate builds great quilts out of old race shirts, your unused curtains or any other fabric that happens to be laying around.

For the readers on your present list, put them in for a free subscription to LevelRenner, the region’s new on-line running magazine or send them a year of New England Runner.

And nothing wraps it up like some club gear. The web site doesn’t stay up-to-date with what the kit coordinator happens to have on hand so it’s best to come to a Grand Prix race or e-mail Jane Lovelette to find out what’s current, what’s on sale, and what’s coming in the door next.

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