President’s Message – September

  Regular monthly CCAC meetings resumed on September 5th (first Wednesday of the month, 7:00pm, at the Dennis Senior Center on Route 134.) All members are welcome; a few come regularly. Thanks to them. The principal topics of discussion were means of intra-club communication and the Grand Prix races this winter.

  With respect to the former, there was a general consensus among those present that in future we will rely on electronic means primarily, but will mail postcards on special occasions, such as the Grand Prix, the annual banquet, etc. The printing and mailing of newsletters and membership rosters for an organization of our size runs into several hundred dollars, so many organizations are discontinuing doing so because of the cost. In some cases, e.g., the New England 65 Plus Running Club, members are encouraged to opt for the electronic version to save the club money.

  We have not had a newsletter published since 2011, when Bob Eckerson issued one. We have no volunteer to create one now, but we want to continue to make newsletter content available to members. Our website manager, Geof Newton, now edits and publishes notices of various kinds and articles submitted by some members. He would like to have a cadre of a few members who regularly submit reports to him about races and/or other relevant events they have participated in — reports that inform other club members about races they might enjoy, find challenging, or want to avoid. If you are interested and willing to be part of that cadre, please contact Geof.

  In addition to posting information on the website, we will occasionally send an e-blast to all members who have provided their e-mail address, but only occasionally. It follows, therefore, that members should check the website periodically for news about the club and their fellow members.

  At the present time, the management of the website and the management of membership are done separately. Commercial software exists to facilitate organizational management by integrating multiple functions. Some of them contain a membership self-management option and social components that let all members contribute. We will be looking into the possible acquisition of some.

  With respect to the Grand Prix series, suggestions were invited about a month ago, and several were mentioned during the meeting. The dates available (all Sundays) this season are: December 2, 9, 16 and 30, January 6, 13, 20, and 27, and, yes, February 3. December 23rd is thought to be too close to Christmas for a race, but that is not thought to be true in the case of New Year’s Eve. The Eckersons have asked to be hosts on December 16th, and the Weary Travelers race is scheduled for January 6th, but it is not mandatory that that race be included. Other sites under consideration are: Campari’s in Chatham, Land Ho in Harwich, the 19th Hole in Hyannis, YPD in Yarmouth, Chapin’s and Lost Dog Pub in Dennis, and possibly the Chatham Harbor Run course. The possibility of a race in Harwich based around the former Country Inn, now the Mooncusser, has also been suggested. There are lots of details to be worked out and, except for the Eckersons, nothing is locked in yet, although those restaurants that were part of last year’s series and want us back are pretty firm, other than date, but comments are welcome.

  The annual banquet would follow sometime in mid-February. Two possible venues, in addition to Chatham Bars Inn, have been suggested: The Jailhouse Tavern in Orleans, and the Cove in Yarmouth. Comments about the banquet are also welcome.

  Following the club meeting, the directors met and discussed the amount of our subvention to Grand Prix hosts, the possible acquisition of club management software, and what to do about our tax exempt status revocation. Chairman Bob Edwards is going to consult with his son, a CPA, and see what advice he has on the matter.

  We have not as yet received any waivers for the Boston Marathon. Last year we were allotted about eight. I have received one request already. If you would like to be considered for one, write me something making your case, please. “Writing” includes e-mail to

One more mile.


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