President’s Message – July

Don’t be alarmed. The title doesn’t imply there will be a monthly President’s Message. However, there is also no guarantee that in some months there won’t be more than one.

Today I deposited a check for $600 at the East Harwich branch of the Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod in the Jason and Hannah Brazil Scholarship Fund. Three quarters of that sum was raised by volunteers, mostly club members, named below, who worked at the Sprint I Triathlon at Craigville Beach on Friday and Saturday, June 8th and 9th. Many thanks to all for their generosity. Everyone I have heard from enjoyed their work as well.

The young lady behind the counter at the bank remarked that she was well acquainted with that fund, so I asked if that implied there were lots of donations being made, and the answer was “yes”. I left it at that.

Friday: Lucy Duffy, Adam Ross, Andy Scherding
Saturday: Larry Cole, Joanne Corsano, Margarida Couto (IFAW), Chris Crema and Mrs. Crema, Mary Duchesney, Jan Felt, Cathy Garry, Norma Kelly, John Kerrigan, Jennifer Lamb, Deborah Suarez, Kris Tholke, Meg Walsh (IFAW), Connie Worgan.

The race directors at Without Limits Productions were so pleased to have us there that they have invited us to return for Sprint II on September 8th and furnish five workers on the day before the race and 15 on race day. Of course, at this point I have made no promises, but my view is we should jump at the chance. It is also my view that we should earmark the proceeds for the same cause and consider continuing this activity as long as the opportunity is open to us and the need is still there, but obviously we will proceed one race at a time. I welcome members’ comments on this matter.

A related matter is fund-raising for the Club’s general treasury. Income now primarily consists of dues, Grand Prix entry fees, and payment from Paul Collyer for working his February races in Hyannis. We need some additional sources of revenue, which is why it has been suggested that the Club needs to become responsible for a significant size race. Suggestions are welcome.

As Geof Newton has reported, the Club contributed $250 to the Nauset High School 4X800 relay team so it could participate in a national track meet to which they were invited. The team finished 7th out of 33, which was not quite good enough for medals, but was a useful experience for team-building. I witnessed something similar at the New Hampshire Division III track meet a few weeks ago at New Found Regional High School about 20 miles north and slightly west of Laconia. My great granddaughter’s team from Hinsdale, NH had some athletes invited for the first time. Their program is only two years old, and the school has no facilities of its own. They were thrilled to come away with some points in a relay. In my view, these are the kinds of local youth activities it makes sense for the club to support when we can. We have another one under consideration.

Finally, for now, thanks to club members who were instrumental in the successful staging of the Chatham Harbor Run. I saw Pat and Tom Nally at work, Joe Weinberger selling t-shirts,  Mary Ellen Ross working the registration crush, Jane Lovelette at the CCAC table, and Larry and Mira Belliveau making sure things were running smoothly. I’m sure I’m omitting some others who deserve credit.

Have a happy summer!

~ Larry Cole

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