Relay Teams for Cape Cod Marathon Relay

 CCAC has been challenged to a Team Competition by the Falmouth Track Club (FTC) for the Cape Cod Marathon Relay in Falmouth on 10-28-2012.
If you would like to be part of the relay team, please contact Bill Masterson as soon as possible, to reserve your spot. We need 3 teams of 5 people each; a Male Team, and Female Team, and a Mixed Team. All 3 teams will be open class, which means that people of any age can run on the team. Our current thinking is to put our 5 fastest men on the Male Team, our 5 fastest women on the Female Team, and #6, #7, and # 8 men and women on the Mixed Team. CCAC will pay the entry fee for all CCAC teams, as long as each team member has dues paid up through 11-30-2012.
There will be a trophy for the winning club, and the bragging rights will be obnoxiously large. If you are a member of both clubs, please consider running for CCAC. We NEED you.

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