Meeting Minutes – 2 May 2012

Larry Cole, President, presiding

* Treasurer’s report – expenses discussed, reviewed and accepted by all present.

* Last month’s minutes – motion to approve & motion accepted

* Larry mentioned Bob Eckerson not present at meeting – Bob’s daughter in hospital.

* A thanks to past presidents and current officers

* Larry met with Connie Worgan, re: John Worgan. John is ambulatory and still has days where he isn’t feeling well but is recovering

* Bill Masterson has posted the BAA Marathon results on CCAC website. Bill not present at meeting. A mention that Pete Stringer completed 6 Days of Self Transcendence on Long Island – detailed report on CCAC website.

* Bill Riley – currently in FL. Larry Cole has had various email exchanges with Bill regarding various races Bill has done.

* Old Business – had previously discussed idea for Club to become more involved with the Chatham Harbor Run on 6/24/12. Larry Belliveau – current race director. Some applications have already been processed. Mary Duchesney advised there are still openings to do the Relay for Life run to be held on June 15-16th. Relay will be a 24hr event held at the DY High School. Can sign up online. Mary has invitations to the Survivor Dinner to be held on Friday evening at 5pm. List of CCAC members doing relay so far:

Mary Duchesney, Howard Tansey, Sadie Tansey, Steve Sullivan, Heather Manuel, Susan Eastman, Rebecca Monard, Ellen Griffin, Cynthia Hibbert, Dari Whitehouse, Kenny Lemerise, Jane Lovelette, Mark Stanley, Sue Shanley

* New Business – rec’d contact from John Gleason – Barnstable Rec & Cape Cod Harriers sponsoring 5K race in Osterville on June 3rd. Looking for CCAC run participation. Funds to be used for continuing the training program and for scholarships. Half mile kids race @ 8:30AM – 5K race @ 9AM. Spitler is doing the race timing. CCAC not being asked to provide money. Race is on CCAC Cape Cod Race calendar.

* Discussed recent emails with Andy Scherding – about having a non-business meeting in August to host a speaker about Yoga for the first Wednesday in August. CCAC to communicate with members to get feedback either via Facebook and through postcard mailings, email.

* CCAC Summer party – something other than a Labor Day get together….softball games/picnic in the past….Bob Eckerson and Larry Cole have discussed and Larry welcomes any suggestions

* Newsletter discussion / Hard copy of a newsletter….to put newsletter on CCAC website and still mail out hard copies to some members who do not have computer access (?)…..more costly to do a monthly mailing of newsletter was noted….possibly more beneficial to do on CCAC website and/or Facebook posting. (Subsequent: See 5/14/12 President’s message on Club website).

* Joe Weinberger rec’d proposal from John Banner – CCAC member and Falmouth Track Club member – discussed about any interest in hosting a Club Competition? Venue and date to be addressed. Cape Cod Marathon as a possibility?

* Falmouth Road Race – lottery opens on May 14th.

* More discussion in September regarding inter-club communications. Possible re-do of CCAC website?

* Jane Lovelette asked Mary Duchesney to mention to CCAC members whether any interest in different colors for club clothing? Possibly use same logos – different colors?

* Some upcoming race dates mentioned: May 12th – Irish Village, May 20th – YPD race, May 27th – Johnny Kelley races, May 19th – CapeAbilities race.

* Woods Hole to Provincetown race – to be held in October, 2012.

* Next CCAC monthly meeting to be held on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at Dennis Senior Center.

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