President’s Message – May 2012

Greetings, CCAC members.

  Normally May would be our last regular monthly meeting (1st Wednesday at 7pm at the Dennis Senior Center) until September, but this year we are scheduling a special non-business meeting on August 1st (same location) — a yoga clinic, conducted by Leslee Trzynski, a former national team member and Olympic cyclist, who now teaches yoga to endurance athletes. She will be visiting the Cape then and has been in contact with Andy Scherding about arrangements. Several tri-team members are planning to attend, but it is open to all club members, and there is room for more. So far, the ladies seem to be the most interested in this event, but come on, men, let’s show that we can handle the mental calisthenics as well as the women.

  Some races scheduled in the near future are of special interest to the club, and I urge your participation. YPD Blue on May 20th is sponsored by one of our Grand Prix hosts, the Yarmouth Police Department. The Johnny Kelley half marathon on May 27th is in memory of our founder, and although the club is not officially involved in working at this race again this year, if you run it, or the shorter race, please make an effort to say "hi" to Paul Collyer so he’ll know club members are supportive.
  The directors of a new race in Osterville on June 3rd have requested our support — not money, or workers, but runners, to help inaugurate the 5K event put on by Barnstable Recreation and Cape Cod Harriers Running Program. In return, our club logo will be on the back of the T-shirts. The Harriers Program  is coaching 57 boys and girls from 2nd through 7th grades. Their objective is for the kids to finish the 5K, and to raise a little money for scholarships for kids who can’t afford to join the Harriers Program. Geof Newton is one of the coaches. The race course will consist largely of the course for the Cape Cod 5K Championship in Osterville. June 3rd is also the date of the 3rd race in the NER Pub Series — the Smuttynose in Hampton, NH, so I will be unable to join you in Osterville.
  On another race front, we have been approached by one of our members, John Banner, who is also a member of the Colonial Road Runners, the Falmouth Track Club, the Thirsty Irish Runners, and maybe the Wampanoag Road Runners as well, with an idea for a relay team competition among the five clubs at the Cape Cod Marathon in October. Stay tuned.
  Please review the minutes of the May meeting when they are posted. You will note that we talked about "going digital" for most intra-club communication, and have made further discussion of that topic an agenda item for the September meeting. Hard copy newsletters, which we have not published for several months, are expensive and time-consuming to produce and distribute. Many other organizations are dispensing with them to save hundreds of dollars, and because computers are so prevalent. We would retain post card correspondence for special events. Think about this and provide us with your comments and suggestions, in person, electronically, or however you prefer.
  At the May meeting we also talked about the possibility of having a summer party, which I believe was last held three years ago in August at George Graber’s home. That venue is not being suggested. I just mention it as a reminder that it is not the Labor Day gathering at the beach in Dennis. What say you?
  One of our intermediate term objectives is to achieve club sponsorship of a race of substantial size, either an existing race that we are already significantly involved with, or a new race. One recent suggestion from Paul Hufnagel is a trail race in Nickerson Park in, say, October, 2014 to benefit the kids who attend the Dream Day camp. It has some interesting possibilities.
  Finally, I want to thank: Ecky and my coach, Joe, for their years of service to the club; Adam and Mary Ellen Ross for continuing as Treasurer and Secretary, respectively; Geof Newton for continuing as webmaster; Bill Masterson for keeping track of and reporting members’ performance in events; Bob Edwards for being Director for Life; Dwight Pfundstein for becoming a director; Cathy Lohse for her years as director; Tom and Pat Nally for membership functions and worker organizing; and Howard Tansey for joining me in this enterprise.

One More Mile.


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