This is my favorite ultrarunning event of the year in a mixed calendar of running that I try to maintain as diverse as possible, i.e. trail races, road races, marathons, adventure treks, fatasses, 50 and 100 milers on the road and trails. The only omission is the mountain races like Mt. Washington that require more luck at the lottery than anything else.
  The Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence six day has some negatives: each year its start closely dovetails with the recovery week of racing hard at the Boston Marathon so that I feel somewhat disadvantaged with those that have fresh legs. And the weather in recent years has been, in a word, abysmal. This year’s full-fledged Nor’easter that blasted down on us shortly after the word go was of epic proportions, a storm that race director Sahishnu labeled "the worst in my 35 years of race directing."  Suffice of it to say that most of us carried umbrellas that first day and a half, the rest wished they had them, and many were blown inside out whenever the implement did not have the correct sail angle to the raging storm.

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