Research Study on Stress Fracture Healing

Dear Cape Cod Athletic Club, Hi, my name is Lisa Gao and I’m a research assistant at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. I came across your organization via the internet, and I am contacting you to ask for some help. I currently work with Dr. Meryl S. LeBoff, a physician here at BWH who is conducting an interesting study on stress fracture healing which may be of interest to those in your organization. Our study, which is sponsored by the Department of Defense, is evaluating the potential of a drug to speed up the healing of lower extremity stress fractures in women. We are conducting this study in the hopes that sufferers of stress fractures, often athletic individuals, can return to their athletic activity in a shorter amount of time than what naturally occurs. By participating in this study, athletes would have the opportunity to possibly get treated with a drug that accelerates the healing of their stress fracture. We are currently looking for pre-menopausal women between the ages of 21-45 with stress fractures/injuries to take part in this study. I’ve attached a study flyer below which contains more information. If you could kindly help us out by advertising via email or word of mouth to members of the Cape Cod Athletic Club, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much for your time and I hope to hear back from you soon! Sincerely, Lisa

Lisa Gao, B.S. Clinical Research Assistant, Skeletal Health and Osteoporosis Center Brigham and Women’s Hospital 221 Longwood Avenue Boston, MA 02115 Tel: 617-525-7009

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