Board Meeting Minutes–23 January 2012

Meeting held at Bob and Martha Edwards’ home * 13 Club members present: Bob Eckerson, Bob Edwards, Larry Cole, Joe Weinberger, Geof Newton, Cathy Lohse, Adam Ross, Mary Ellen Ross, Dwight Pfundstein, Andy Scherding, Lucy Duffy, Martha Edwards and Steve Laverty * Discussion was about CCAC providing financial support to CCTT and also about how […]

Meeting Minutes–1 February 2012

Bob Eckerson, President, presiding * 21 Club Members present * Treasurer’s report – expenses discussed, reviewed and accepted by all present. * April 4th Membership meeting – One Board position possibly open. Voting is to be done then for all office and director positions * 2011-2012 Grand Prix races – 7 total, one of which […]

Boston, Here I Come

  The other night while clicking away on the individual single age of entrants in the fabled Boston Marathon, I noted that at 70, there were 45 men. At 71 there were 35. At 72, 18. Then 16,10,5,7 down, and down some more until whoa!! drum roll please:  until at age 78 there were…three. But […]