Grand Prix Launches in Chatham

The 2011-2012 Winter Grand Prix got off to a rollicking start hosted by Paul Avellar at the Chatham Boat Company on Sunday. A simple out-and-back course along Shore Road, course designer Janet Kelly made certain to include all of the toughest hills from the Chatham Harbor Run … twice! Well, she threw in a lighthouse too to keep us entertained! Turkeys at a half mile in, a beautiful seaside cruise with a 8mph tailwind on the return trip, and curious tourists and locals added flavor to the challenging run. After the race, a giant potluck was quickly dispatched amidst boat engines, fiberglass remnants, and a vagabond player piano. Katie McCully led the women over the course in 28:29 while Geof Newton led the men, splitting just a hair over 6mpm in 24:13. Paul Hufnagel was first in for team Happy Trails in 25:06 for 2nd overall male with newcomer Kate Heaslip 2nd for the women in 29:45, also running for Happy Trails. With most of the runners signing up for Happy Trails, we’re considering changing the name of the series to the Happy Trails Winter Race Series. With 18% of the total field (that’s 17 runners folks!), no other teams stood a chance although Gecko and the Nauset Warriors posted valiant attempts. New this year – we’re trying SkyDrive to host our scoring spreadsheet. You’ll be able to see the results as we key them in! Check it out and let us know what you think. Coming up next: return to Chatham for the 3.5 mile North Chatham tour hosted by Campari’s. Yes, more hills! [Race Results] [Overall Standings] [Directions] [Series Info]

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