December 31, 2011 – Sandy Neck Beach, Sandwich/Barnstable, MA
45 degrees, light wind and slightly overcast

1. Charlotte Johnson      21: 23  (44)
2. Paul Crocetti            21:40   (30)
3. Katie McCully           22:21   (46)
4. Dwight Pfundstein     22:25  (55)
5. Kathleen Thomas      23:26   (54)
6. Nate Rockwood        24:32     (14)
7. Katie Martin            24:43    (27)
8. Joshua Holmes         25:12  (13)
9. Kelly Cantwell          25:22   (42)
10. George Henry        25:26   (62)
11. Stuart Bolton        25:27   (46)
12. Matt Carstensen     26:14   (36)
13. Bethany Crocetti     26:25   (38)
14. Heidi Ingram          26:24     (50)
15. David Schneider      26:49   (52)
16. Richard Sullivan      27:42   (62)
17. Timothy Eilinger      27:32    (47)
18. Steve Hill             27:51    (43)
19. Caroline Barry        28:20   (47)
20. Lauri DeCost         29:39   (34)
21. MeLi Johnson        29:52    (8)
22. Paul Johnson        30:06   (57)
23. Tara Greaves       30:11    (35)
24. Marie Soleil Saure   30:15   (35)
25. Charlotte Fournier   30:15   (10)
26. Howard Staples     30:20   (60)
27. Cam Rockwood      31:02    (9)
28. Nellie Perera        31:51    (42)
29. Donna McKay       31:57    (52)
30. Cheryl MacIntyre   31:41       (53)
31. Holly Wilcox Cline   31:43   (51)
32. Denise Acquaviva   32:54     (50)
33. Rosmary Moran     33:06   (53)
34. Lucy Perera         33:43    (42)
35. Joyce Rogers       34:46     (58)
36. MaryAnne Gibbs    34:55     (56)
37. Pam Amaral         34:56     (50)
38. Kerry Talbot        34:59    (41)
39. Kathie Henry       36:10     (59)
40. Kathleen Scala     36:58    (52)
41. Diane LeRoy        39:28    (52)
42. Bill Dalrymple       40:42    (64)
43. Candy Brooks      41:19     (47)
44. Patrick Preston    43:56    (11)
45. Guillaume Fournier 50:31    (35)
46. Deanne Rockwood 50:32     (48)
47. Donna Simmons    50:40     (44)
48. Eileen Preston      52:10      (47)
49. Ginny Preston      52:17     (12)
50. Aurele Fournier    52:50     (5)    little boy
51. Alice Fournier      52:52    (8)  bigger sister


Join us for our monthly meeting at the Dennis Senior Center on 4 January at 7:00PM. In addition to the usual business items and pizza, Karen Zunti will be presenting “Kinesio Taping For Common Running Injuries.” An accomplished triathlete, physical therapist and Certified Kinesio Tape Practitioner, Karen will show us how kinesio taping (you’ve seen all those Olympians with weird patterns taped all over their legs and arms, right?) can aid injury recovery for common running injuries like ITBS, achilles tendonitis, patellar tracking, and plantar fasciitis.




Announcing Plymouths Newest Road Race

First Annual Winter Warlock 10K
The holidays are filled with yummy food, and we all looove yummy food. So what do you do in the middle of the winter when all that yummy food starts to weigh you down? You make a resolution. Yeah.. that’s what you need to do. Make a resolution. Resolve to start your road racing year off early and come on out for Plymouths first and newest race of the 2012 local racing scene. The Winter Warlock 10K.

Brought to you by the same team that puts on the popular Old Sandwich Road Race and the fast-growing Thanksgiving Day Pilgrim 5K.
Come on… it’s cold outside. Register [HERE].You’ll be glad you did.
Location: Village Racquet and Fitmess Club, 30 Golf Drive, Plymouth, MA 02360

Time: 12:00 NOON start
Awards: Medals for Overall and Age Group Champions, 13 and Under, 14-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 and over
Weather: This race will happen in any weather conditions. The colder the better! Snow, freezing rain, blowing wind. It’s called the Winter Warlock. Break out your tootsie warmers.
Registration: Registration is available online only. No mail in registration. There will be race day registration for those who like to just “show-up”. [SIGN UP NOW]
Price: $20 online before February 15th. $25.00 on race day.
Baby Joggers: Are ALLOWED
Pets: Dogs on leash are allowed
Walkers: Are encouraged and allowed
Prizes and giveaways: There will be medals for age groups and overall. No givaway items at this race.
Surface: Mixed surface, Balacktop (35%), Dirt (65%)
Refunds: No Refunds
RACE DAY REGISTRATION: $25 opening at 10:30AM.
Parking: Parking directors will help you to find the parking lots when you arrive.

TurkeyTrot-Mfoto-Full2PBProminently displaying her CCAC colors, Dari Whitehouse has been picked as a profiled finisher of the 2011 Marine Corps Marathon. Dari finished the 2011 MCM in 3:54:48 in October, qualifying for Boston and marking the completion of her fourth round of cancer therapy. In addition to running Boston and challenging Bill Dalrymple and Jane Lovelette in the Grand Prix, Dari plans on running a 50K and returning to MCM. “If I’ve learned anything over the last two years or so it’s that I’m much stronger than I thought I was and limitations are usually self-imposed and are really great opportunities for growth,” she says. [More …] {Image courtesy Marine Corps Marathon}


Bob Eckerson, President, presiding

* 15 Club Members present

* Treasurer’s report – expenses discussed, reviewed and accepted by all present.

* Updates – Bob Edwards recently injured during a fall at the recent Andrea Holden race and as a result, he has sustained 2 broken ribs and a punctured lung. He is in the hospital and is due to go into a rehabilitation facility soon. John Worgan is now home and is resting. John Demarest will be getting a knee replacement.

* 1st Grand Prix race held at the Chatham Boatyard is now on the books. GP #2 to be held at Camparis Restaurant. Per Geof, GP scoring is now up on website – refer to new blog posts. Spreadsheet available on SkyDrive – file currently being edited. On-going Club website changes – website now enabled for mobile, i.e., race calendar, etc.

* GP Race #3 – Yarmouth Police Dept. – Race open to members and non-members. Two separate timings – Walkers @ 10:30am / Runners @ 11:00am. After-race venue to be determined.

* BAA waivers are now in. Deadline to submit them in is 1/13/2012. This may possibly be the last year CCAC will receive waivers. Speak with Bob Eckerson or Joe Weinberger for further info.

* Karen Zunti will be doing a presentation at January monthly meeting on taping injuries.

* Big Brothers & Big Sisters – Pete Stringer is looking for donations for his upcoming 50 mile run. Motion to donate $200 was accepted.

* Cape Cod Times Needy Fund – motion to donate $250 was accepted.

* Old business – CCAC 2012 Banquet to be held on 2/11/2012. Possible venue discussed: The Cove, W.Yarmouth. Food and costs are reasonable. Buffet-style dinner. Rooms are $75 per night. Holds approximately 200 people.

* New business – Tom Nally to give tentative idea within month of December regarding the actual size of CCAC membership. Total is needed for insurance renewal, which is 12/31/2011.

* Relay For Life of Mid Cape – 6/15/2012 – 6/16/2012 – Discussion by Mary Duchesney who is organizing team event. CCAC invited to participate. $10pp – need to raise $100 minimum. Starts 3pm on the 15th and ends the following day, late morning/early afternoon. To be held at Dennis-Yarmouth High School. Team name would be CCAC. Geof Newton to post more info on CCAC website.

* USAT Club General Liability insurance renewal– due on 12/31/2011 – estimated $1500 annual premium. Need final club membership numbers for final figure.

* Motion to renew USAT club membership for 2012 term was accepted. USATF renewal has been renewed, per Adam Ross @ $75.00.

* Geof Newton reports…..Holy Trinity race – 1st year – 5k race – event went well – thanks for all donations which were contributed towards race. Next year’s race will be held on 10/27/2012. Upcoming – 12/31/2011 – Kate Naples race – more info on website. Nauset H.S. Track & Field Club – starting winter track – speak with Matt Clark for more info.

* Next CCAC monthly meeting will be held on January 4, 2012 @ Dennis Senior Center


Field a Team for the Seneca7 Relay!

It’s back!  Registration for the 2nd annual Seneca7 around-the-lake running relay is now Open!

Geneva, NY, the heart of the Finger Lakes, is ready to welcome you back (or host you for the first time) as you compete in this great event!

7 member teams, 7am start time, 77.77 miles Saturday, April 28, 2012 Each runner will complete three legs of 2-5 miles each over the course of the day as teams race around Seneca Lake!

Please consider adding this event to your race calendar and/or share it with your running friends.

For more information, registration, and detailed maps and elevation profiles for each leg, go to

You only need a team captain to register, you have until April 16th to enter the rest of your team details.

Need to find a team or does your team need another runner?  Check the ‘teammate finder’ on the website.

See you at the starting line!

Jackie Augustine



Can you stay awake for 24 hours? Mary Duchesney is organizing a club team for the 2012 Relay For Life, a 24’ish hour walk/run/campout around the DY High School track which raises funds for the American Cancer Society. The 2012 DY event will be held on June 15th and will kick off at 3:00pm. Along with individual and group fundraising targets, the goal is to have a CCAC singlet running on the track at all times. To sign up, go to the DY event page and register as a member of the Cape Cod Athletic Club team. The more that sign up, the shorter the runs! For more information, contact Mary at or track her down at one of our upcoming races.



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