Meeting Minutes–5 October 2011

Bob Eckerson, President, presiding

* 18 Club Members present – two new members present

* Treasurer’s report – reviewed and accepted by all present.

* Report(s) from Board of Directors meeting which took place on 9/26/2011, presented by Bob Edwards – annual receipts limit for tax reporting for Non-Profit Organizations such as CCAC was recently raised to $50,000 so concerns about incurring a tax liability have gone away for now……Club dues will remain the same…….tax report to be filed by Club Treasurer……Club General Liability insurance in effect as of July, 2011 and will be renewed on 12/31/2011 – insurance designed to provide coverage for Club/CCTT members during Club events…..Directors & Officers insurance has been approved to be effective as of 1/1/2012…..must be a Club member if participating in Grand Prix events……this year’s Grand Prix venues to be held mainly at restaurants – finalization not complete

* Tom Nally to work on membership cards which will be sent out to Club members who have a membership expiring in December.

* Dwight Pfundstein suggested Club to accept $20 from a non-member in lieu of $30 (dues and race entry) if running their first Grand Prix race. Individual would pay $10 if they participate for a second time. Motion to accept and was granted.

* Suggested Grand Prix venues…..Campari’s, Chatham Boat, 19th Hole, Kurt Martin’s home, Weary Travelers, Land Ho, Chapin’s, Sandwich Golf Course, Yarmouth PD. Club held a total of 8 Grand Prix races for 2010-2011 season. Discussion about publicizing of Grand Prix races done in the Cape Cod Times by Susan Eastman – to contact her and let her know Grand Prix races are for Club members only.

* Club Banquet – February 12, 2012 possible date. Possible venues mentioned: The Cove, Yarmouth……The Jailhouse, Orleans……Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham……Dennis Inn, Dennis.

* CCTT – idea suggested on having various individuals to speak at monthly Club meetings. Possible topics for discussion: nutrition for athletes, footwear, and possibly other items.

* CCTT – Tri clothing kits – is there an opportunity to sell the Tri clothing through Club?

* Andy Scherding is looking for volunteers for Steering Committee to help with CCTT event(s) organization, etc. Also mentioned a budget for Tri equipment, but Club needs $$ specifics, per Board of Directors.

* Joe Weinberger – discussion about his recent meeting for Andrea Holden Foundation – posed question about increasing Club donation this year. Club contribution last year was $250. Andrea Holden Foundation has donated approx. $100,000 so far. Motion suggested by Bill Masterson for Club to donate $300 this year – motion accepted.

* Club income – There are no more Johnny Kelley / Harwich races for Club to generate income from. It was suggested for Club to promote Chatham Harbor Run in order to help make up for lost B.A. Events income

* Suggestion made about starting a “novice” cycling club. Would need members, venue, etc.

* Cape Cod Cycling Club – Dwight Pfundstein made mention of various group rides which are put on by CCCC.

* Next CCAC monthly meeting will be held on 11/2/2011 @ Dennis Senior Center

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