Track Session–17 August 2011

With a few days to go until USAT Nationals in Burlington, VT, it’s time to get in a final tune-up session before your ‘A’ race. But while the general principal of specificity applies in weeks 4, 3 and 2 prior to the race, it’s unwise to simulate race distances and conditions once into the final taper week. Tapering is an art form and everyone responds to a reduced workload in a different way. For an effective taper, you’ll want to reduce volume by 30-50% over the week while maintaining intensity at race pace or better. This is your chance to get rested and dial-in your target race paces and intensities … and if you have easy access to your race course before the race, do a couple of segments of it at race pace (at least 2 days out and short!) to familiarize yourself with the conditions and how you’re going to feel at various points in the race. Therefore, today is about hitting race pace and having a little fun!

10 minute warmup
4 x 100m floaters
15 minutes of 30s x 30s x 30s – that’s 30 seconds of race pace followed by 30 seconds of jogging recovery followed by 30 seconds of bicycle on your back
10 minute cooldown; 4 x strides, drills
15 minutes of ultimate frisbee

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