Track Session–4 August 2011

  We’ll continue the endurance intervals that we started last week with an interesting distance that we just experimented with, 600 meters. The distance demands a bit of concentration since it isn’t one that we do frequently and while we’re pretty good at setting our pace for a 400 or an 800 meter effort, 600 is something we don’t run often. For this session, target your 10K race pace or if you’re using heart rate as a guide, set a pace about 5 beats per minute below your threshold heart rate. Remember to adjust your threshold and maximum HR rates for the weather. Take 90 seconds easy jogging between each work interval so that you’re fully prepared to hit your target pace for the next.

10 minute warmup; high knees, butt kick, leg swings, arm circles
4 x 600m x 90s
10 minute cool down
5 x strides; skips, hops, lateral skips, grapevine

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