24 Hour Around The Lake

Two new members to the Cape’s fine ultra society, Steve Sullivan and Doug Lavoie, made auspicious debuts Fri/Sat up at Wakefield’s 24 hr. Around the Lake Ultra. 58 year old Steve compiled 115 miles for third place overall despite getting in the strange role of dog umpire in a sudden canine to-do at the halfway […]

26.2 Mile Race Report

I am not sure what modifying table I might use to fit this one into a marathon comparative equation chart, but overall, I feel my race Sunday might score well on some sort of "difficulty quotient graph.” This was the inaugural running of the Mad Marathon in Waitsfield, Vermont.  "Mad" purportedly used because it was […]

Track Session–27 July 2011

Running fast (or more efficiently since an efficient runner is able to run more comfortably at a specific pace than a non-efficient runner) for any length of time longer than 40 seconds is all about building speed-endurance, the ability to maintain a certain pace for a given length of time or distance. This week, we’re […]

Track Session–20 July 2011

Now that we’re adapted to the heat, it’s time to get down to work. This week’s session will be a 5K race simulation that will build endurance for upcoming 5K and 5 mile races. The parameters are simple: 5 x 800m x 200m for a total of 5000m. The execution is a bit more complex. […]

Track Session–13 July 2011

It’s still hot outside so let’s take an opportunity to learn how to pace a little better and leave some of the tough work sessions for later. After a thorough warm up and some dynamic stretching, run 6 100 meter pickups followed by 20 minutes of fartlek. Vary the distances of the fartlek from 50m […]

Wednesday Track–6 July 2011

It’s been a while since I posted weekly track workouts and now that a few people are asking, I’ll be tossing the week’s assignments up here again on a semi-regular basis. We’ll assume that you’ve been running at least 20 minutes, 4 times a week and can comfortably handle runs of 3-5 miles. If you […]