CCAC On The Road 2011

Notable performances from some CCAC club members who traveled around the world.  Results are listed in reverse chronological order.

Ballycotton ’10’
County Cork, Ballycotton, Ireland, March 6, 2011
2075 3043 MASTERSON, Bill      M70   Cape Cod AC    01:38:25    01:38:07 00:47:39

Boston Marathon
Hopkinton, MA, April 18, 2011
CCAC SCORED 4 TEAMS AT BOSTON MARATHON. Best 3 times count in the scoring. Good tailwind, dry, and temps in the 50s.
10:51:58 Men’s Masters Team 3:23:25 Steve Sullivan; 3:36:21 Richard Houston; 3:52:12 Ken Lemerise.
(8:49:18 time of 10th fastest team.)
12:07:51 Men’s Open Team 3:44:52 Pat Clark; 4:07:53 Harold Robinson; 4:15:06 Kurt Martin.
(8:00:29 time of 10th fastest team.)
12:18:39 Women’s Masters Team 4:02:25 Susan Shanley; 4:03:52 Kayleen Rosato; 4:12:42 Jane Lovelette.
(10:48:08 time of 10th fastest team.)
12:26:45 Women’s Open Team 3:48:29 Heidi Russell; 4:11:11 Mary Duchesney; 4:27:05 Rachel Young.
(9:44:01 time of 10th fastest team.)
Thus, of the 4 CCAC teams, the Women’s Masters Team came the closest to breaking into the top 10 teams. However, it would have taken 3 women over 40 averaging 3:36 to get into the top 10 this year.  The question has been raised, "How fast do I have to be to score for a CCAC team?" The answer for 2011 was that you had to finish under 4:28.
Congratulations to all who competed for CCAC, and to Tom Deeg, Joe Navas, Justin Deeg, and Kevin Petrovek who did well running for other teams.


Washington, DC, October 30, 2011
3:24:44 Nick Harmansky, 12th M55-59;
5:04:33 Bruce Rosewell, 430th M55-59;
5:04:34 Gayle Rosewell, 275th F50-54.

Manchester, CT, November 24 2011
44 degrees, sunny, dry, little wind, pleasant. 13,470 finishers, 4.748 miles, 75th running.
33:26 Duke Hutchinson 7th out of 280 M60-64, #866 overall.
34:55 Jamie Hartnett 76th our of 1,728 F19-29, #1,265 overall.
35:17 Andrew Muse 336th out of 1,526 M19-29, #1,367 overall.
44:37 Bill Masterson  9th out of 53 M70-74, #4,536 overall.

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