runner’s paradise on Bumps River Road

  I live on a road where there is an Audubon Conservation Land park not a half mile away with lots of trails and wildlife. This pristine area has not changed one iota in the 69 years I have been living here.

  Next door, with about 300 yards of woods separating us, there is a small school that was used as Osterville Elementary School for 30 years, but recently a scarcity of students regionalized the area and the school became the Cape Cod Collaborative, a facility for the use of the mid-Cape’s special needs students. One of the first things these people did was construct a quarter mile old style (MY era!, and certainly my preference) cinder track around the circumference of the soccer field.
  Four miles away, the Barnstable High School has just completed work on it’s new state of the art football field/upscale track opening tomorrow in time for the traditional football game against Falmouth.
  In addition, the ocean and its beaches are two and a half miles away. Any time there is snow, you just have to wait for a low tide to still run on bare sand.
  Hmm… no excuses not to go running today.
  ~ Pete Stringer

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