CCAC Relay Teams Take Top Spots at 2010 Cape Cod Marathon


  The 3 CCAC relay teams did CCAC proud on Halloween in good weather!
  CCAC1 ran 2:27:39 to finish first overall out of 200 teams
registered, 181 teams finished. Team Captain Joe Navas was ably assisted by Paul Hufnagel, Ryan Gattoni, Tom Deeg, and anchorman Geof Newton. They finished ahead of the first marathon runner.
  CCAC2 ran 2:55:44 to finish 12th overall, and FIRST among mixed teams with all members 50+. Team Captain Kathleen Thomas was assisted by Nick Harmansky, Mike Sellars, John Martin, and Paul Fendler.
  CCAC3 ran 3:22:46 to finish 33rd overall, and 8th out of 106 mixed open-class teams, despite having 2 runners over 50. Team Captain Adam Ross was assisted by Mary Ellen Ross, Donna Blackman, Christopher Crema, and Jason McWhirter.
  Other CCAC members ran on other teams that did well:
Greyhounds ran 2:43:08 to finish 4th overall with a fine leg by Sean Doherty.
Thirsty Irish Runners ran 3:11:34 to finish 19th overall, with a fast leg by Jim McLaughlin.
Run Like A Girl ran 3:18:48 to finish 24th overall, with help from Amy Doherty.
  CCAC1 ran some 2 minutes were faster than last year, despite an additional year of age on 3 of the runners, and of course beat all of the men’s teams. Unlike the all-star teams that finished 2nd and 3rd overall, all 3 CCAC teams comprised of runners who live or work on Cape Cod and have been long-time members of CCAC.
  CCAC2 runners were all over 50, and were beaten only by CCAC1 and 10 other teams. Those 10 included 7 that were under 40, 2 that were 40-49, and 1 team made up solely of all-star men over 50 who do not belong to the same club.
  CCAC3 runners had 3 newcomers that did not run the relay last year, but who gave it everything they had.
  When you consider the fact that 200 teams each paid $150 to run this relay, and 19 did not make it to the finish line, whether due to injury, family emergencies,logistical errors, wimpery, or mopery with intent to gawk, I take great pride in the fact that the 3 CCAC teams acquitted themselves so well.
  ~ Team Manager Bill Masterson

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    rachel young

    nice article…Team ‘The Charging Bulls’ was a registered CCAC team as well and we came in 3:18:32 and we got 2nd place in teh mixed masters. rachel young, franco bonfini, galileo bonfini, david farrell..thanks

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