120px-H_crucifer_USGS It’s 5:30AM on Sunday, March 21st. With water bottle in hand and headlamp on, I head out the door and begin my morning long run. It’s officially been spring since 1:32PM ET yesterday but the temperature at this hour is still chilly. Regardless, it’s much better than the sub-freezing mornings of just a few weeks ago and a pair of shorts and a light, long-sleeve T-shirt suffice. I round the corner on to my first major road of the morning and head downhill to a depression between a small pond and a cranberry bog. As I approach the bottom, I hear a sound off to my right, the unmistakable chirp of the early risers of the spring peeper population. They made no sounds yesterday morning or last night but somehow they know that this morning it is spring and they’re attacking it with all of their gusto. It’s uncanny how a small amphibian is able to detect subtle changes in light and temperature and know that it’s the equinox. Perhaps the peepers are more technically adept than we imagine.

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vote-rock[1] Wow! It’s time for annual elections already! We’ll be holding elections at the monthly meeting on Wednesday, the 7th of April, at 7:00 PM at the Dennis Senior Center. If you’d like to get involved and help set the direction of the club and its activities, join us at the meeting or submit a nomination via the website. You can also confirm, second, submit or accept a nomination by sending an e-mail to CCAC or by contacting one of the club officers before the April meeting. All elected positions are open for nomination and a new board of directors will be seated. Nominees and current status are posted on the Elections 2010 page.


  First off, congratulations to all those who participated in the Hyannis Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K yesterday. This morning we’re receiving the weather that was forecast for yesterday, rain, slush, snow and wind – so everyone was treated to pretty decent conditions for the races, especially for Cape Cod in the winter. [Race Results]

  We just received word that the Mount Washington Road Race opened their lottery today. With only one hill, this should be an easy race – just ask John Martin. The lottery remains open until 15 March. We also just caught wind of a perfect run for all the baseball aficionados out there, the Run To Home Base on 23 May. A 9K around the Fens area of Boston, it finishes at home plate in Fenway. The event is a charity fun run which is raising funds to support the Home Base Program which provides services for returning veterans.

  The USATF-NE Road Grand Prix kicked off yesterday at the Jones Realty Group 10 Miler in Amherst. The New Bedford Half Marathon is the next stop of the Grand Prix (21 March) and while only one or two club members made it to Amherst (Joe Navas: 22nd overall in 55:07), we expect a heavy turnout at New Bedford. Remember that in order to score for the club, you’ll have to have an active USATF membership. If you need a singlet, shirt, shorts, hat or more gear, contact our gear coordinator.



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