Turkey, Football and … Running!

The Turkey Trot seems to have now firmly established itself as a Thanksgiving holiday tradition, and whether it’s the mega-events like Manchester or a small, local community run with 50 runners and walkers, families gather on Thanksgiving morning to share some exercise time, donate to local food pantries, and give thanks that we’re all able […]

Vote for Your Favorite Races

In a departure from previous years’ processes, the USATFNE road racing committee is putting the selection of the 2010  Grand Prix races to a popular vote. They have selected 4 potential schedules of races that submitted bids a few weeks ago and now its up to you to decide where and when you want to […]

Boston Marathon Approaches Capacity

The 2010 Boston Marathon is filling rapidly this year – word on the street is that they had only 1800 open slots left of the 25,000 head field limit a few days ago. So if you have your qualifier or your waiver and haven’t gotten around to registering yet, it’s time to get on it. […]

Monthly Meeting Tidbits

So you missed this month’s meeting. Well, in addition to the pizza, here are some worthy items of note so you can plan your training and your weekends accordingly: > The 2009-2010 Grand Prix schedule has been firmed up and directions will be posted in the next two weeks. Seven races are on the calendar […]

World Run Day 2009

Celebrate World Run Day on 8 November with runners from all over the world. Created in 1999, World Run Day strives to promote running and charitable giving through individual efforts and group events. Once you register on the World Run Day site, you’ll get a t-shirt and be logged as a participant in an event […]