Reverberations of Reach The Beach

  • A hot shower after a run seems like a novel idea.
  • The car driving up behind you turns out to not be a white van and it doesn’t toot at you several times as it drives past.
  • People look at you strangely when you change in public.
  • It’s unusual to not see runners in tutus or pink wigs.
  • There is food other than Power Bars, gels, Gatorade and Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • Jeans are too formal.
  • You wake up at 3am to go for a run.
  • A day with only one run is a rest day.
  • You’re uncomfortable sleeping in a bed and have to spend the night in the car to find that contorted, twisted position that’s just right.
  • All the cars that drive by don’t have writing on them.
  • People actually work at town hall buildings or go to school at schools.
  • You have absolutely no recollection of where that $400 worth of Timberland gear came from.
  • You now describe the White Mountains as “moderately hilly.”
  • Your arms are really light without a watch, GPS, water bottle, flash light and relay bracelet.
  • Complete strangers can become close family within 24 hours.


Reach The Beach is a 200(+/-) running relay race across the state of New Hampshire. Held in the middle of September, it starts in the Franconia area of the White Mountains and ends at Hampton Beach. Teams of up to 12 runners rotate through 3 or more legs of 2 to 9 miles over the course of race. The winning teams typically finish in just over 21 hours while the slower teams can take up to 36 hours to complete the journey. For more information, visit the Reach The Beach website.

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