Hooray for cooler weather! Tonight we’re going to try a simple workout which can pay some big dividends. It’s going to help the novices understand pace while the more experienced runners will learn how to run faster as fatigue increases. To keep it simple, we’re going to use a set distance of 400m or one lap of the track for the work interval followed by an equal distance of rest. In a set of 400m laps, start at your marathon goal pace for the first, run the second at half marathon or 10 mile pace, the third at 10K pace, the fourth at 5K pace and the last at 1 mile pace. Don’t worry about the first two seeming to be pretty easy. This is a progression run and the first work intervals should feel easy. Beginners should do one set of 5 for about 2.5 miles while advanced runners can do 2 or 3 sets or double up the intervals like 2 @ MP, 2 @ HMP, 2 @ 10KP, 2 @ 5KP and 2 @ 1MP. After a 10 minute cooldown, reawaken your legs with a minimum of 3 50m strides. Now at your next race, practice increasing your pace as the race progresses, just like you did here.


Warmup: 10 minutes, include arm circles, reaches and upper body warmup as well as running

Session: 5 x 400m x 400m progression (marathon pace, half-marathon pace, 10K pace, 5K pace, 1 mile pace). Advanced runners do 2-3 sets or double the segments.

Cooldown: 10 minutes followed by some basic running drills – butt kicks, high knees, skipping, heel slides, crossovers – no more than 100m each. Follow with 5 50m strides.