Fundraiser for Marilyn Baker

Our good club friend Marilyn Baker has been fighting cancer since November. Friends and family have put together an evening of fellowship in order to raise funds and help with all of the hospital and travel bills. On the calendar for Thursday, the 8th of October, at the Osterville Veterans Hall, the gathering will feature […]

Reverberations of Reach The Beach

A hot shower after a run seems like a novel idea. The car driving up behind you turns out to not be a white van and it doesn’t toot at you several times as it drives past. People look at you strangely when you change in public. It’s unusual to not see runners in tutus […]

Track Session – 16 September 2009

Hooray for cooler weather! Tonight we’re going to try a simple workout which can pay some big dividends. It’s going to help the novices understand pace while the more experienced runners will learn how to run faster as fatigue increases. To keep it simple, we’re going to use a set distance of 400m or one […]

Paralysis In Motion

A few weeks ago, a close running friend lost his oldest son to the war in Afghanistan. I wanted to act. I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I wanted to call him and let him know that I was here if he or his family needed anything. But I didn’t want to talk […]