It’s been darn hot and sticky for the past few days so we’ll shorten up the work intervals this week and make sure we get plenty of rest in between. With long rest intervals, we’ll be focusing on maximizing speed and efficiency and working on those neuromuscular adaptations which help your muscles to work better together. Since the overall work is going to be shorter than usual, make sure to follow the session with a strong set of drills and strides, paying close attention to form and all those little places that feel a little tighter or sorer than usual. If you’re getting ready for a key race, you’ll want to cut the rest intervals in half but maintain the same work interval.


Warmup: 10 minutes, include arm circles, reaches and upper body warmup as well as running

Session: 6 x 400m x 800m @ 5K race pace – 15s. Advanced runners move up to 8-10 x 400m x 600m @ 5K race pace – 30s.

Cooldown: 10 minutes followed by some basic running drills – butt kicks, high knees, skipping, heel slides, crossovers – no more than 100m each. Follow with 5 50m strides.