Track Session – 1 July 2009

Hopefully there won’t be any cars parked on the track tonight since we’ll be needing a good open space for this week’s session, endurance step downs. As discussed already, there are two major changes that you can make when working with intervals, the duration of the work interval and the duration of the rest interval. For this session, we’ll look at the rest interval and use it to boost our endurance for 5 mile to 10K race distances. After a good 10 minute warmup, begin with a single lap with a full rest lap. Now start to shorten the rest interval by 50-100m each lap until you run 3 400m laps back to back at the same pace as you started. You should aim for your 5 mile race pace for all intervals since this session is aimed at endurance speed rather than neuromuscular speed. Intermediate and advanced runners can climb back up the ladder by slowly increasing the rest interval but at the same time, increasing the speed until the final 400m lap is at 5-10 seconds faster than 5K race pace. Advanced runners may want to try 2 x work interval (e.g. 800m work) in place of the single lap. After a few cool down laps, be sure to end with 5-10 50m strides to enhance those springy legs.


Warmup: 10 minutes, include arm circles, reaches and upper body warmup as well as running

Session: 1x400x400, 1x400x300, 1x400x200, 1x400x100, 1x400x50, 3×400, 2×400 rest.

Cooldown: 10 minutes followed by some basic running drills – butt kicks, high knees, skipping, heel slides, crossovers – no more than 100m each. Follow with 7 50m strides.

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