Track Session – 3 June 2009

With a brief lull in the racing calendar, we’ll focus on some endurance intervals this week. You can adjust your intervals by changing the length of either the work part of the interval or the rest part. Changing the duration of the work interval trains your body to run at a specific goal pace for a set duration of time and efficiently buffer the waste products. Changing the rest interval trains your body to recover quickly, run at goal pace while slightly fatigued, and helps in adjusting to mid-race surges and terrain changes. For this session, we’ll keep the work interval set at a single lap (400m) and shorten the rest interval to a half lap (200m). Make sure to NOT fully recover between work intervals. Your heart rate should still be elevated as you start the next repeat. Beginners should be running 6-8 repeats and advanced runners should aim for a minimum of 12 repeats. Work interval should be run at your target 10K race pace.


Warmup: 10 minutes, include arm circles, reaches and upper body warmup as well as running

Session: 12 x 400 x 200, don’t fully recover between work intervals. Run work intervals at 10K goal pace. HR trainers should be running at about 85% VO2Max.

Cooldown: 10 minutes followed by some basic running drills – butt kicks, high knees, skipping, heel slides, crossovers – no more than 100m each. Follow with 4 50m strides.

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